ideas for small college dorm rooms

Whether you have a roommate or have the whole room to yourself, college dorm rooms are usually a tight squeeze. 

If you can’t swing a cat in your small dorm room, then using some of these tips will make those several years at college a whole lot more comfortable. 

Some of these ideas for small dorm rooms are essential, some are luxury, however all are useful.

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A Loft Bed

A loft bed will not only look awesome in your college room but it is also excellent for freeing up space in a small bedroom.  Loft beds are similar to bunk beds but without the bottom bed.  A loft bed  allows you to use all that free space underneath. 

Under the bed, many students set up their study space with a table, chair, computer etc.  A loft bed is a great way of utilizing the upper room area which would normally be unused.

Fold Away Furniture

Fold away tables and chairs are a great way to free up space in a small dorm room. Especially, if extra space is needed only every now and again.  By only having the chairs and table opened out when needed, the furniture can be conveniently folded up and stored in a corner when not in use. 

This will free up space to do other things when necessary.  If you want more than one chair in your single dorm room, then having a fold up chair or two will be great when guests visit.

Mini Refrigerator

A mini refrigerator can be a great accessory to have in any dorm room.  Not only for the summer to keep drinks cool but they are also great for keeping food fresh for longer.  A mini refrigerator will save valuable time for study, instead of going to the store everyday to stock up on essentials.

Mini Coffee Maker

If you like coffee and need a caffeine fix to get you motivated to study, then a mini coffee maker should be one of your dorm room essentials.  Coffee makers are not only inexpensive but are also available in small sizes. 

A single serving size coffee maker will not take up too much space in a small dorm room. It will also save money in the long run from buying in cafes.

Mini Oven

If you like your food piping hot when you eat in your room, then why not consider a mini oven for those cold winter months. 

There are varying types of small ovens to choose from, such as a mini microwave oven for heating up ready made meals, a mini portable oven or even a combo mini toaster and oven

Either one of these mini ovens can be very useful in a small dorm room.

Sofa Bed

Whether you use it as your bed or as a small sofa in your room, a sofa bed can be a great double up piece of furniture to free up space in a small dorm room. 

If you already have a bed in your room then the sofa bed can also be very handy for stay over guests at night.

Storage Box Seats/Benches

Storage box seats and benches are a great accessory for keeping things tidy and organised in a small room.  Not only is the box cover cushioned and comfortable to sit on, but they also look great in any room. 

The added bonus of these seating boxes and benches is the hollow inside that allows you to conveniently store items inside.

These convenient storage shelves can make a packed room look a lot more organised and tidy, giving the appearance of more space.

A Bedside Caddy

A bedside caddy is a cheap little organizer that should be hanging from the side of your bed.  This little caddy allows you to keep things like books, diaries, pens or remote controls at hands reach.

Vertical shelving

In a small living space, it is important to use valuable height to place and store essential items. 

A shelving system standing over a mini refrigerator can be a great way of storing plates, cups, utensils etc and also a microwave oven, coffeemaker or toaster on top. 

Student Desks and Desk Shelves

A student desk doesn’t have to be a plain desk.  There are many specially designed desks that have little  compartments for books and other study items.

They are great for keeping your study area well organised and tidy.  If you don’t want to splurge on a student desk, then a desk shelf is another option. Place it on top of a regular desk for keeping your books organised and at hand.

Hopefully, you found some helpful Ideas for Small College Dorm Rooms in this article that will help make your stay at your dorm room more comfortable. 

College dorm rooms can feel too small at times. However, a small dorm room doesn’t have to mean an uncomfortable dorm room.

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