daybeds for small spaces

A daybed is a mixture between a sofa/bench and a regular bed.  Daybeds are very similar to other dual purpose furniture, like the sofa bed, futon, or trundle beds and are great for making the best use of a small living space.

What is the difference between a sofa bed, futon, trundle bed and a day bed?

Sofa bed: A sofa bed looks like a real sofa but can transform into a bed.  The bed is either pulled out from the inside or is jigsawed together to make a full size bed.

Futon bed:  A futon looks like a regular double or triple seater chair, however it can be extended back into a flat position.  This flat position can then be used as a bed.

Trundle bed:  A trundle bed is a bed that is hidden underneath a sofa, regular bed or even a day bed.  Trundle beds are normally on wheels and can be wheeled in and out from under the top piece of furniture.  A trundle bed is a ready made bed because it has a real mattress.

So what is a daybed?

A daybed looks like a regular sofa, however the seating area is deeper.  It is deeper because the seating area is an actual mattress.  When it is time to sleep, the day bed is pretty much ready to sleep on because it is a real bed.

To make it look like a real sofa during the day and also to allow you to sit comfortably on it, cushions will be needed to reduce the depth of the seating area.

Daybeds are versatile pieces of furniture, great for small apartments, small bedrooms or even dorm rooms.  Any home where space is limited, a day bed will be a nice option to provide a sitting area and a sleeping, area all in one.  In this article, best daybeds for small spaces, we will be reviewing a few of the different styles of day beds available, to see which one you prefer and which one matches the decor of your home.

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Best Value Small Daybed For Small Spaces, Twin

DHP Victoria Twin Size Metal Small Daybed

To start off, we chose a daybed without a trundle bed underneath.  The DHP Victoria is a twin size daybed suitable for a single person living in a small home.  It is a solid piece of furniture, sturdy enough to hold up to 400 lbs.

The metal frame will have to be assembled on arrival and does not include a mattress. 

If you are going to use this day bed as a seating area and occasionally sleeping on it, then a 4″ cushion mattress should suffice.  However, if you intend to sleep regularly on this daybed, then a sleeping mattress of 6″ should be purchased for added comfort.

The modern design of the DHP Victoria daybed will look great in any small room and with the dual purpose of a chair and bed, it is a great way of making use of limited spaces.  A box spring is not necessary for the mattress, however, a mattress and cushions will be needed to complete the day bed.

The DHP Victoria Twin Size Metal Daybed is a great value daybed with many positive reviews on Amazon.  If you are looking for a modern style seating area with the option of sleeping a single person for your small home, then this daybed by DHP is a great choice for you.

Description and Measurements

  • Metal Twin Size Daybed
  • Contemporary design
  • Available in white, silver and bronze
  • Finial detailing
  • Use as a bed or as extra seating
  • Twin-size mattress (sold separately)
  • Box spring not required
  • Dimensions: 41″ x 77.5″ x 46.5″
  • Weight: 62 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs

DHP Victoria Twin Sized Metal Daybed

Best Full Size Metal Space Saving Daybed

DHP Victoria Full Size Metal Daybed

The same as the DHP twin size daybed in the previous review, this is the full size version.  This full size day bed is suitable for two people and can accommodate a full size mattress.   It has the same qualities as the twin size daybed, with solid construction and attractive appearance.  The weight limit of the bed is 400 lbs, however a few customers commented that they have tested 500 lbs of people on it and it held them well.

At the time of posting this article, the price difference between the twin and the full size DHP day bed was not very much, so this full size is good value.  The daybed will arrive un-assembled and without mattresses or cushions.

If you are living in a small apartment or room and need to sleep more than one person, then a full size day bed could be the answer.  Remember that this day bed will be quite deep to sit on, therefore, plenty of cushions will be required.

For a modern design, great value, sturdy day bed frame, then look no further than the DHP Victoria Full Size Day Bed.

Description and Measurements

  • Metal Full Size Daybed
  • Contemporary design
  • Available in white, silver and bronze
  • Finial detailing
  • Use as a bed or as extra seating
  • Full-size mattress (sold separately)
  • Box spring not required
  • Dimensions: 56.5″ x 77.5″ x 46.5″
  • Weight: 74 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs

DHP Victoria Full Size Metal Daybed

Best Compact Daybed With Trundle For Small Rooms

Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set

Along with DHP, Zinus is one of the more popular makers of good quality daybeds. As you can see this daybed is simple in design but still looks quite stylish. There is no back to this one, so plenty of pillows will be needed when sitting against the wall.

The daybed is perfect for a small room and is 39″ in depth. It is strong, sturdy and has premium steel support.

Also, it is very easy to assemble. A ratchet comes with the daybed, so everything is provided for assembly.

The beauty of this daybed is the trundle underneath.  This trundle bed is a wonderful bonus for small apartments.  The trundle can hold a regular size twin mattress and is a great option for guests spending the night.

It is recommended a 5″ to 6″ mattress is used on the trundle bed, because any thicker will not roll under the bed frame.

The Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed is a perfect option for a person looking for an attractive twin size day bed, with a pullout trundle bed.  Ideal for small living spaces.

Description and Measurements

  • Twin sized daybed with roll out trundle bed
  • Trundle can accommodate a twin mattress
  • Accommodates two twin size 5 or 6 inch mattresses (sold separately)
  • Trundle measures 70″ L x 38.5″ D x 11″ H (including mattress space)
  • Daybed measures 78” L x 39” D x 25.8” H
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Easy to assemble

Zinus Suzanne Small Daybed With Trundle

Narrow Daybed With Trundle Bed For Small Bedrooms

DHP Sophia Upholstered Daybed and Trundle, Twin

Another DHP daybed and another quality piece of furniture.  What makes this daybed stand out is the luxurious design and fabric upholstery.  This daybed would add a little class to any small bedroom, small guestroom or studio.

This daybed is backless, however it can be placed up against a wall and adorned with several cushions during the day, to make a stylish and comfortable seating area.  The armrests are slightly curved and give a nice Victorian and contemporary style mix to it.  The daybed is very solidly built and finished with elegant wooden scroll legs.  The tufted upholstery makes for an attractive and comfy lounge space by day and sleep space by night.

There is no need for a box spring as both the daybed and trundle have multiple wooden slates, ensuring enough support for you and the mattress.

If you are looking for an elegant, classy, lounge style daybed, with a pull out trundle underneath, then the DHP Sophia Daybed is our No.1 Recommendation .

Description and Measurements

  • Backless daybed includes a roll-out trundle bed
  • A Victorian style lounge piece, to place against the wall 
  • Slightly sleighed arms for a modern stylish look
  • Includes wooden slats, to provide support and comfort
  • Accommodates two twin mattresses (sold separately)
  • Dimensions: 43″ x 83.5″ x 37.5 “
  • Weight: 105.5 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs for the top, 200 lbs for the bottom

DHP Sophia Upholstered Daybed and Trundle

Whether it is as a guest bed, a lounger or a regular sleeping bed, a daybed is a great piece of furniture to have in any small home.  A daybed will not look out of place as a regular sofa style chair and with a real bed mattress, will feel just as comfortable as sleeping on a regular bed. 

If you want to make the most of limited space, then we hope this article on the Best Daybeds For Small Spaces was helpful because we believe this versatile furniture is certainly a great asset.

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