Best Bathtubs For Small Spaces 2019

best bathtubs for small spaces

Who doesn’t like a long soak in a hot bath, to help you unwind at the end of a hard day.  Unfortunately, bathtubs are only suitable for large bathrooms, right?  Wrong.  Sure, many bathtubs are quite big and bulky and might be difficult to fit into a tiny bathroom, however there are many small tubs, specifically designed to slot into the smallest of bathrooms.  In fact, there are several types of bathtubs to choose from, that come in all different sizes.

In this article, the best bathtubs for small spaces 2019, we will be looking at some of the different types of bathtubs available, so that you will have a better idea of which type will be suitable for your small bathroom.

Best Bathtubs For Small Spaces


Basic Types of Bathtubs:


Recessed / Drop-in or Alcove Bathtubs –  This type of bathtub is probably the most common, especially a three wall alcove bathtub.  This type of tub is usually slotted into a specific area of the bathroom or up against the walls. Alcove bathtubs are normally the cheapest and smallest in size, therefore the easiest to fit into a small bathroom.

Corner Bathtubs – A corner bathtub speaks for itself.  It slots into a corner of a bathroom.  Corner bathtubs are built to accommodate more than one person and definitely have the appearance of a luxury item.  They are triangular in shape and can hold two to three people.  They might be a little larger than the Alcove bathtub, however we will be reviewing a small one, below.  Therefore, if you have enough space in the corner of your bathroom and have your heart set on a luxury, hotel spa style corner bathtub, then you might be in luck.

Free Standing Bathtubs – Free standing bathtubs are tubs that are not connected to any corner or wall.  They stand alone.  Free standing bathtubs will need the most space to fit both the tub and the plumbing.  Once again, we have scoured the net to find the smallest free standing tubs, to help you find one of these amazing looking bathtubs for your small bathroom.  Two types of free standing tubs are the legless variety and the clawfoot tubs.  We have one of each reviewed, below.


Due to the fact that we are trying to fit a bathtub in a small space, we have limited our search of bathtubs to measuring less than 60” in length.  For taller people it may be an issue, however we felt that over 60” in length may be getting into the category of ‘too large for a small bathroom’.


Smallest Bathtub For Tiny Bathrooms

KOHLER Greek 4-Foot Bath

Smallest Bathtub For Tiny BathroomsThis little bathtub by Kohler at only 4 feet in length is ideal for very small bathrooms.  It is a drop in bathtub, that needs surroundings to be built and then this little tub will basically be dropped in.  This tub is suitable for full surroundings or to slot into a three wall alcove.

The bathtub may be small in length but is surprisingly deep.  It is perfect for submerging and having a deep soak.  Of course as with all three wall recess bathtubs, you can set up a shower and have a hands free shower or bath.  

The exact measurements of this bathtub are 48” in length by 32” width by 23.5” depth.  This tub will be one of the smallest you will find on the market and definitely won’t be a stretch out your legs type of bathtub.  However, with a depth of almost 24”, you can certainly submerge yourself inside.  We also really like the armrests and the additional vinyl bath pillow that comes with it, for that extra bit of comfort when having a relaxing bath.

Made of high quality Acrylic that comes in colors White, Almond or Biscuit, this bathtub is a real space saver and perfect for those that want to fit a tub into a tight fitting area of a small bathroom.

Description and measurements:

Space saving, extra deep bathtub for soaking in small bathrooms
Installation: Drop in
Material: Acrylic
Color: White, Almond or Biscuit
Overall measurements: 48” x 32” x 23 ⅜”
Drain location: End
Basin area, bottom: 36″ x 21″
Basin area, top: 42″ x 26″
Weight: 60 lbs (27.2 kg)
Minimum floor load: 61 lbs/ft² (297.8 kg/m²)
Water depth: 17 ⅞”
Water capacity: 68 gal (257.4 L)
Cut out: Drop-in, 46 ½” x 30 ½”

KOHLER Greek 4-Foot Bath

Best Seller Recessed Bathtub For Small Bathrooms

American Standard Cambridge 5-Feet Bath Tub with Right or Left-Hand Drain

Recessed Bathtub For Small BathroomsThis Cambridge bathtub by American Standard should fit into most standard sized alcoves.  There is no need to build a supportive side to this bathtub because it is already built into the bathroom display side.  Although this is a standard sized tub, it is pretty deep and great for submerging.

It is quite a heavy bathtub, heavier than acrylic, however not as heavy as a cast iron tub.  It is relatively easy to install and the finish is excellent.  The bathtub is made of Americast material, which is a steel inside, coated with porcelain. Anyone that has experienced a cast iron bath will already know that this steel bath will be a little cold to step into at first.  However, the bathtub does retain heat very well, when filled with hot water.

We really like the shape of this bathtub and the back slope is perfect for relaxing and having a good soak.  Even though this tub is only 60” in length, it is quite spacious and accommodating, maybe due to the fact that it is deeper than a regular tub, so it gives the feeling of being in more water.

If you like the feeling of an old cast iron tub (without the heaviness) and you want a good deep soak in a standard sized bathtub, then this tub by American Standard is a good choice for you.

The drain location is available for either the left or right-hand side, therefore click on the link to the drain location you need.

Click Here for the Drain Location on the Left-Hand Side

Click Here for the Drain Location on the Right-Hand Side


Description and measurements:

Amazon best seller recessed bathtub
Installation method: three wall alcove
Materials: Americast – Steel inner, coated with porcelain
Color: White, Arctic, Bone, Linen
Overall measurements: 60” L x 32” W x 17.8” D
Drain location: Click on link above for right or left drain location
Basin area, bottom: 54″ x 26″
Basin area depth: 17 ”
Weight: 147 lbs
Water capacity: 50-60 gallons
Fully slip resistant
Similar feel to cast iron but lighter
Retains heat well
Great for submerging and deep soak

American Standard Cambridge 5-Feet Bath Tub with Right or Left-Hand Drain

Best Alcove Bathtub For Small To Medium Size Bathrooms

Compact Alcove Bath By Kohler Several Colors

Alcove Bathtub For Small To Medium Size BathroomsAre you looking for a particular color bathtub to match the decor of your bathroom.  Well this alcove bathtub by Kohler could be the answer.  Made in a variety of colors, there will surely be one to match your decor.  

Made with ExoCrylic it is a lot lighter than regular acrylic, making installation a lot easier.  Even though the bathtub has a low step-over height, making it easier to get in and out, it still provides a deep, comfortable soak.  The smooth, sleek design is not only easy on the skin but the lumbar arch gives gentle support to the natural curves of the body.

More Useful Information:

The overall dimensions of the tub are 60” x 30” x 20.25” and weighs around 70 lbs.
Textured bottom provides a non-slip surface, making getting in and out the bathtub a lot safer.
Integral flange helps prevent water from getting in behind the walls and makes the alcove installation a whole lot easier.
Basin area, bottom: 45-1/8″ x 19-11/16″.
Basin area, top: 52-1/8″ x 22-1/16″.
Weight: 73 lbs.
Minimum floor load: 46 lbs/ft².
Water depth: 15-1/8″.
Water capacity: 57 gal.
Minimum flat for door: 2″.
Installation: 3 wall alcove.
Several colors to choose from.

This 60” comfort bathtub by Kohler not only looks awesome but feels awesome also.  Its design makes it easier to get in and out of, while not taking away its deep soaking ability.  It is comfortable to soak in but still has a no slip textured bottom to prevent any slipping when entering and leaving the bath.  And finally, its compact design, will be ideal for small and medium size bathrooms.  If you would like to see the price and read some reviews on this great little bathtub, then click on the more details link below (choose left or right drain).

Compact Alcove Bath By Kohler Several Colors

Best Small Corner Bathtub For Two People

Kohler ProFlex 54” x 54” Corner Bathtub For Small Bathrooms

Small Corner Bathtub For Two PeopleStretch out, lean back and relax in this heavenly corner bathtub by Kohler.  Many people with a small bathroom would never dream of having a corner bathtub due to their large size.  This doesn’t have to be the case because a corner layout actually minimizes footprint.  This corner bathtub only measures 54” x 54” and comfortably accommodates two people.  It is a drop in bathtub, therefore does not have surroundings, however it does have an integrated flange that protects the surrounding walls from water damage.

Even though it has a small footprint, its spacious design allows two people to bathe.  We really like the molded lumbar support and the armrests because they really add to the comfort and relaxation this tub gives.

Made of Kohler ExoCrylic materials, which makes this tub 30% lighter than other Kohler Acrylic material, making installation a lot easier.  The overall dimensions of the bathtub are 54″  x 54″  x 20″.

If you are looking for a corner bathtub with a small footprint for your small bathroom, then this tub by Kohler is a great choice.

Description and measurements:

Small corner bathtub
Suitable for two people
Installation: Corner
Drain location: Center
Material: ExoCrylic – 30% lighter than Acrylic
Color: White or Biscuit
Dimensions: 54” x 54” x 20”
Basin area, bottom: 44″ x 36″
Basin area, top: 56″ x 43″
Weight: 51 lbs
Minimum floor load: 35 lbs/ft²
Water depth: 15″
Water capacity: 76 gallons

Kohler ProFlex 54” x 54” Corner Bathtub For Small Bathrooms

Best Footclaw Slipper Bathtub For Small Spaces

Kingston Brass Cast Iron Slipper Clawfoot Bathtub with Oil Rubbed Bronze Feet, 53″

Footclaw Slipper Bathtub For Small SpacesFree standing bathtubs are some of the hardest tubs to fit into a small bathroom because they don’t slot into an alcove and the plumbing can be quite bulky.  They are a beautiful bathtub to have though and that is why we had to add them into our reviews.  This clawfoot bathtub by Kingston Brass has class written all over it.  We love the choice of the clawfoot material that is available.  With Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Chrome or Satin Nickel to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice.  

Made from cast iron with a white porcelain enamel, this is a solid and durable bathtub.  Cast iron tubs are known for being the heaviest of bathtubs and this clawfoot is no different.  However, this heavy tub is extremely solid and will stay stable if you bump into it.

This clawfoot bathtub will be ideal for those that want to add some style to their little bathroom.  The slipper look is very antique style and with the clawfeet in such great colors, this tub will really add some class to your bathroom. Not only does it look fantastic but the shape of the back is perfect for long comfortable soaks in some hot sudsy water.

What interested us the most about this Kingston Brass tub was the variety of sizes.  Of course, we are reviewing bathtubs suitable for small spaces, therefore when we saw that the Aqua Eden was available in sizes as small as 53”, we were very interested.

Can you fit a freestanding clawfoot bathtub in your small bathroom?  Well with overall dimensions of (L)53″x (W1)28″ x (W2)25″ x (H1)21-5/8″ x (H2)19-5/8″ ( ±1/2“), you can see that this bathtub isn’t that big at all.  Yes these measurements do not include the plumbing pipes, however, when adding them into the measurements as well, the Aqua Eden will not be that much larger than an average 60” bathtub.

If you always had your heart set on having a classic style clawfoot freestanding bathtub but never thought you could fit one in your small bathroom, then think again.  The Aqua Eden by Kingston Brass could be just what you are looking for.

Description and measurements:

Classic style clawfoot bathtub
Small size, ideal for small bathrooms
Style: Single slipper
Materials: Cast iron with white porcelain enamel
Clawfoot choice: Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Satin Nickel or Polished Chrome
Dimensions: (L)53″x (W1)28″ x (W2)25″ x (H1)21-5/8″ x (H2)19-5/8″ ( ±1/2“)
Water Depth: 17 ⅛” to overflow
Tub capacity: 45 gallons
Tub Weight: 326 lbs
Tub does not have pre-drilled faucet holes so will require the use of a freestanding tub filler or a wall-mount tub filler for use

Kingston Brass Cast Iron Slipper Clawfoot Bathtub with Oil Rubbed Bronze Feet, 53"

Best Mini Freestanding Bathtub For Small Bathrooms

KIVA RHYME 59″ Freestanding Bathtub Egg Shaped Mini

Mini BathtubThis freestanding Kiva Rhyme bathtub is an ideal choice for those that want a freestanding tub but without the classic clawfoot and slipper shape style.  Made of 100% Acrylic, this egg shaped tub not only looks amazing but is wonderful for long soaks in deep water.  At 59” in length, it is perfect for small bathrooms but it is its surprising depth that we really like. With a 55 gallon tub capacity this little guy is a great soaking bathtub.

Made of high quality Acrylic with US & Canada UPC / cUPC certification, the manufacturer promises 10 years of no reforming or fading.  With its glossy white color and smooth compact design, this freestanding bathtub is a real beauty and great value for the price.

We also really like the built in overflow feature which not only looks great but is a feature that not every bathtub has.

Freestanding bathtubs are difficult to fit into a small bathroom, therefore finding one small enough to fit into small spaces is essential.  This tub is not only small and discreet but it also looks modern and very classy.  It looks and feels like a pod and perfect for soaking away a couple of hours in pure relaxation.

Weighing only 110 lbs, it is a fraction of the weight of a cast iron freestanding tub, making it a lot easier to install.  

If you want a freestanding bathtub for your small bathroom, then why not check out this mini tub by Kiva Rhyme.

Description and measurements:

Egg shaped / Pod-like freestanding bathtub
Simple but beautiful design
59” length, perfect for small bathrooms
Made of 100% Acrylic
US & Canada UPC / cUPC certification
10 years of no reforming or fading guaranteed
Weight: 110 lbs
Tub capacity: 55 gallons
Color: Glossy White
Dimensions: 59” L x 32” W x 23” H
Built in brass drain for overflow
Excludes freestanding faucet

KIVA RHYME 59" Freestanding Bathtub Egg Shaped Mini

What To Look Out For When Buying A Bathtub For A Small Bathroom

There are a few things that you need to consider when buying a bathtub for any bathroom, needless to say, a small bathroom.  Some are obvious but all are important.  Consider these tips when choosing a bathtub for your small space.

Measure your old bathtub:  Unless you are renovating your old bathroom and redesigning it, you are probably going to replace your old tub with a same sized new one.  Therefore make sure the new one will fit into the space of the old one.  If you are going to buy a new freestanding style bathtub, then make sure you have enough space for the bathtub and the plumbing faucets together.

Don’t forget the weight:  If you are getting a larger or a freestanding tub, make sure your floor can withstand the weight of a heavier tub.  Some cast iron tubs can be very heavy and then adding in the water will make it even heavier.  This point is especially important for upstairs bathrooms.

Quality and price:  For sure you get what you pay for, however some bathtubs are more expensive for a reason. Hopefully, you will be using this bathtub for over 10 years without fail, therefore buying good quality is important. Fiberglass bathtubs are the cheapest but also the weakest.  Acrylic is of superior quality, will feel better and last longer.  Cast iron bathtubs are more expensive again but are of higher quality and more durable.

Drain placement:  Have a look where the drain placement is in your current bathtub.  Bathtubs have the drain placed in the left, right or center.  Know which side the drain is and buy accordingly.

To shower or not to shower:  Many people take a shower in their bathtub, therefore think about that when buying a tub.  Do you shower often?  Would you like a comfortable shower every now and again or can you do without.  Some bathtubs, like for example the most popular three wall alcove bathtub, make a hands free shower with shower curtain or glass panel very easy.  However, showering in a freestanding bathtub is not so easy.

If you are looking for a matching small sink for your bathtub then check out the wide variety of small sinks here.

We hope that you found our reviews on the best bathtubs for small spaces 2019, helpful (you may also find our article on the best compact toilets for small bathrooms interesting).  Finding a bathtub suitable for a small sized bathroom can be tough, however we hope we have shown you that there are several styles of bathtubs and all are available for a small bathroom.  Whether you want an alcove, corner, clawfoot slipper or a freestanding egg shaped bathtub for your small space, we hope you liked one of our choices above.

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