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Best Washing Machines For Small Spaces

I’d like to begin this article by sharing this popular phrase. Think about it for a minute. Bigger is not always better, especially for your limited space. I’d like to revise that famous phrase and change it to “Less size means more space for me”.

With that in mind, we all know how convenient it is to go to a laundromat to have our clothes cleaned. Now and then, we may even use a laundry service, however it can become annoying after awhile. Everyone would prefer, the convenience and easy availability of a washing machine….. if space is not an issue.

However, when you are about to downsize, remodel or about to move to a smaller apartment or condominium, traditional washing machines are not the best option when it comes to cleaning our clothes.

Do not visualize yourself forever walking in dirty clothes if you have no space for a regular size washing machine, instead visualize yourself opening your door and seeing the delivery person holding your newest mini washing machine.

This is a comprehensive list of why getting a small washer machine is a brilliant idea:

  • It can save you a good chunk of money – because of their smaller size, they will need less water and energy to operate.
  • Helps to preserve our environment (a little bit is better than none at all) – water conservation shows our love for Mother Earth.
  • Time saver – without our own washing machine, we can still manually wash our clothes. But time is so precious. and a washing machine need not be monitored while it does its job, so we can simultaneously carry out more important tasks (such as reading the “Best of” articles of this website).
  • More energy saved (but this time, your own personal and physical energy) – manually washing one’s clothes may look simple but it still uses up physical effort and energy. With a mini washing machine, you can allocate that effort and energy to more important tasks (such as sharing this article to a friend).

Without further ado, here are the Best Mini Washing Machines for Small Spaces.

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No.1 Recommended Mini Washing Machine

High-End Fully Automatic Small Portable Washing Machine by Panda

Up first on my reviews is a compact washing machine that features a see-through viewing window. This latest generation model has 6 washing programs – Normal, Quick, Heavy, Bulky, Delicate and Spin Only – with a space-saving design. Ideal for apartments and condos, great for you and your family.


  • Volume Capacity: 1.6 Cu. Ft / 11 lbs
  • Wash Program: 6
  • Water Level: 3
  • Tub Material: Stainless Steel
  • Unit Weight: 77.8 lbs
  • Unit Dimensions (inch): 37.00 (H) x 19.75 (W) x 20.50 (D)
  • Item Weight: 63.8 lbs
  • Complete cycle – 45 minutes
  • Delay start available

With some impressive reviews on Amazon, this mini washing machine is certainly worth considering and gets my top recommendation. What I love most about this product is that it is robust and can withstand some heavy use and still work as good as new after a couple of years.

Compact High-End Fully Automatic Portable Washing Machine by Panda

Best Twin Tub Small Washing Machine

Portable Twin Tub Washing Machine with Wash and Spin Cycle Compartments by ThinkGizmos

My next recommendation is suitable for areas where space is very limited such as for camping or in a caravan. It is simple to use, just put in clothes, detergent and water and wait for the machine to finish its washing cycle. No stains are stubborn enough with this machine.

After that, give your clothes a spin for as long as 5 minutes to reduce the time that the clothes need before they can fully dry at the clothes line.


  • Two tubs
  • No plumbing required
  • Soft or normal wash selection
  • Item weight: 27.6 lbs

In terms of performance, this small washing machine can hold its own against larger machines. It makes less sound when compared to other similar products due to its efficient and impressive motor.

Portable Twin Tub Washing Machine with Wash and Spin Cycle Compartments by ThinkGizmos

Best Mini Portable Washing Machine

3 kg Mini Portable Washer by MIDEA

If you are looking for a small portable washing machine that greatly balances power and portability, this little unit could be what you are looking for. With three water temperature combinations, this machine will let you fully experience the convenience of in-home laundering.


  • Product dimensions: 36″ x 24″ x 24″
  • Item weight: 44.1 pounds
  • Mounted on two wheels
  • 0.9 cu.

This little washer is easy to hook up, does not need a lot of detergent and is close to silent as possible. This mini portable washing machine by Midea is one of my favorites on this list and it comes with a strong recommendation from us.

3 kg Compact Portable Washer by MIDEA

Best Safe-to-use Mini Washer

Compact Portable Washer by BLACK+DECKER

One of my runners-up comes from BLACK+DECKER, a small washer with a nice shutoff feature. If the lid is accidentally opened, the washer will automatically shut off. It takes a minimal amount of space, great against stains and is easy to transport.


  • Machine dimensions (W x D x H): 17-11/16” x 18-1/16” x 31-1/2”
  • 5-cycle selection (Heavy, Gentle, Normal, Rapid and Soak)
  • .9 cubic feet tub that can hold up to 6.6 lbs of clothes
  • Built in lint-filter
  • Transparent lid
  • 3 water level choice
  • Automatic unbalance detection mechanism – automatically adjusts detected imbalances in the tub

This mini washer is user-friendly, it utilizes LED digital display so you can easily adjust your required cleaning settings.  Note that you must use high efficiency (HE) liquid detergent, (HE) powder detergent or (HE) detergent sheets to reach the maximum potential of this machine.

Compact Portable Washer by BLACK+DECKER

Best Budget Mini Laundry Machine

Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine by Giantex

This budget price compact washing machine by Giantex is perfect for those who are just testing the waters when it comes to small washing machines. It provides relief from hand washing without taking much of your hard-earned money.

Its wash motor is powerful and you will barely notice the difference in performance when comparing it to larger laundry machines. Once you have this, you can bid goodbye to manual washing and to your trips to the laundromat.


  • Overall size: 24.8″ x 14″ x 28.35″(L x W x H)
  • Color – White/Blue, White/Black or Grey/Black
  • Material – PP
  • Tube Type – Twin Tub or Single Tub
  • Weight Capacity – Washer: 11 lbs, Spinner: 6.6 lbs / Washer/Spinner: 8 lbs / Washer: 8 lbs, Spinner: 4.5 lbs

One of the more popular washers on Amazon, this compact washer is the final item that I highly recommend. Not only does it allow you to spin and wash at the same time but also the washing power is excellent and the spin is equally good. It may not be as quiet as the other products on this article but if it is awesome cleaning that you want then it is awesome cleaning you will get with this twin tub mini clothes washer.

Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine by Giantex

How To Choose a Miniature Washing Machine

Mini washing machine buyer's guide

Technology has done so much for us. Gone are the days when our palms would hurt after wringing a big number of washing clothes. We also want to end (or greatly reduce) your trips to the laundromat because sticking to that routine will deeply hurt your pockets in the long run.

Buying laundry appliances can seem complicated at first, especially if you don’t know what to look for. However, this is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to create a buying guide that is simple, comprehensive and easy to read.

When looking for the best small washing machines, keep the following things in mind so that you can wisely choose the product that is perfect for your current needs.


Mini washing machine capacities usually range from 11 lbs to 29 lbs. The higher the capacity equates to the higher the number of clothes that you can wash per cycle. If you are living alone, low capacity washing machines will be more than sufficient. However, if you live with your family or a group of friends, then a high capacity mini washing machine is ideal.

Spin speed

Spin speeds determine how dry your clothes would be after spinning. Higher spin speeds mean dryer clothes after spinning and low spin speeds mean less dry clothes after spinning. The dryer your clothes are, the less time that they will need to spend on the clothes line.


The noise that compact washing machines make during wash or spin cycles is measured in decibels (dB). Small washing machines with high decibels create more noise while those with low decibels create less noise. Decibel levels below 50 can be considered as notably quiet. Some small washing machines (especially those that utilize new technology) feature anti-vibration systems or inverter motors. These additions can help lessen the noise that these washers create.

Control panels

Control panels are either push or dial.  And those with LED or LCD display shows more detailed information about how long the wash or spin will take.


Warranties usually range from one to two year guarantee. Some washing machine manufacturers choose to raise the ante and offer a five year guarantee.

Upgraded With New Technologies

The best mini washing machines do more than just clean your laundry. They also feature innovative ways to save your energy, water and time.

  • Steam technology – If you want to know if this feature is worth considering, you need to take a look at your budget and washing needs. During pre-wash, as you are loading the tub, the steam complements the water to make sure that the fabrics are wholly soaked.
    When steam is added during the wash phase, the temperature of the wash tub will increase and that will help to dissolve the detergent more easily. The maximum cleansing effect of the detergent is achieved only when it has properly dissolved.
    And after the wash, the high temperatures coming from the steam can aid in the sterilization of your clothes. Plus, visibly less wrinkles – steam can effectively soften unwanted folds.
    If you seek extra clean clothes or if you wish to lessen the time that you spend ironing, then consider getting a small washing machine with the steam technology feature.
    The steam feature will also be beneficial if you (or a family member) is prone to get sick. High temperatures can kill bacteria and can make viruses inactive.
    You may not know it yet but germs and viruses can also stay in our towels, clothes and bed sheets. The final advantage of cleaning with steam is that it does a lot of damage to stubborn stains.
    If you find pre-soaking inconvenient, you can opt to deep clean with steam instead. Keep in mind that mini washing machines with the steam feature are likely to cost more than those without so you will need to carefully weigh the added benefit versus the extra cost.
  • Quick Wash – The quick wash feature on some compact washing machines save a lot of time and energy but there are several cons to it. Firstly, when your clothes are stained, quick washes won’t do any good. You will have to stick to a full wash to effectively remove stubborn smudges.
    Secondly, your clothes or towels or pillowcases might come out soapy after a quick wash because quick washes also mean a shorter rinse. Thirdly, quick wash features generally consume more water.
    Finally, a quick wash does not effectively kill bacteria and germs, compared to higher-temperature washes. If you think that your immunity against diseases is not too strong, then the quick wash feature might not work in your favor.
  • Cold wash feature – Washing in higher temperatures are undeniably effective when it comes to performance, however, they consume an incredible amount of energy. And the power company will charge you for each kilowatt that you use.
    Small washing machines that have the cold wash feature ensures that you get almost the same level of clean without consuming too much energy. And cold water cycles use less water too!
  • Anti-vibration feature – We do know that sound is created by vibrations and the motors of compact washing machines spin at top speed to achieve your desired cleaning results (vibrating a lot in doing so). The result? Loud sounds.
    However, do not let this bother you much, for technology has done wonders and will continue to do so. Mini washing machines with anti-vibration systems work by minimizing the noise, movement and vibration that these washers create.
  • Automatic Laundry dispenser feature – When life (the baby crying) or something urgent (the boss calling) calls during our laundry time, we get distracted and sometimes forget at what step we are in.
    Have you added bleach before going to the baby’s room? If yes, how much? It is easy to miss out on the little but important details at moments like these. It is a great thing that you can now protect yourself against similarly unwanted scenarios.
    There are compact washing machines with Automatic Laundry dispenser features; these machines dish out detergent, bleach and fabric softener at the right time so you’ll never have to make a guess about the amount of cleansers that you have already added in.
  • Smart Mini washing machines – Smartphones, smart watches, smart TVs. Everything seems to be smart nowadays and washing machine manufacturers want to get in on the smart business.
    You just need to find an app compatible with the model of your smart mini washing machine and your cleaning regimen will forever be changed.

ENERGY STAR Washing Machines

If you come across a mini washing machine with an ENERGY STAR certification or rating, then surely that unit can save you resources and money. Machines with this rating use up to 50% less water than those without.

What is more, because of their large capacity, the number of loads that you have to do is lessened and they spin more productively so you can expect considerably drier clothes (as compared to those without the ENERGY STAR rating) after the spin phase.

To recap, be ahead with these benefits when you get your own compact washing machine:

  • It can save you a good chunk of money.
  • Helps to preserve our environment (a little bit is better than none at all).
  • A lot of your time will be saved.
  • A lot of your energy will be saved.

Finding the right mini washing machine for small spaces is no easy task, but giving this article a quick scan might prove to be helpful when you are about to buy your first or next small washing machine. If you are in need of other small kitchen appliances, then why not check out these reviews on compact dishwashers and compact fridge freezers. I hope you found this article on the Best Mini Washing Machines for small spaces helpful and were able to find a mini washing machine perfect for your small space.

Best small portable washing machines

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