Best Electric Fireplaces For Small Spaces 2019

Best Electric Fireplaces For Small Spaces

Who doesn’t like to snuggle up next to a cozy fire by a traditional fireplace.  Even if you’ve never experienced what it is like to have a real fireplace, I’m sure you will at least have seen one in many movies.  The cold snow on the outside, the logs crackling on the open fire and the cat enjoying a nap next to the heavenly heat.  Of course, real fireplaces are awesome, however they also have their downsides.  They are messy, they need fuel to be physically added regularly and they pollute the air in the house.

However, with an electric fireplace, you won’t have any of these issues. In the Best Electric Fireplaces For Small Spaces, I will review some of the top electric fireplaces available online, and more importantly, the best ones available for small spaces.  An electric fireplace will not only be more convenient, less messy and won’t have the air pollutants that a real fire has but it will also be a perfect choice for heating up smaller rooms.  In fact, an electric fireplace will be a lot more cost effective than a real fire if you only want to heat up a small area and only for short amount of time.

Let’s have a look at our top picks for the best small electric fireplaces, next:

Best Electric Fireplaces For Small Spaces


No.1 Choice Bestseller Electric Fireplace For Small Spaces

Compact 30” Electric Fireplace Insert with Remote Control By PuraFlame

Electric Fireplace For Small SpacesIf you are searching for an affordable electric fireplace suitable for small spaces, then this is one you should definitely consider.  This insert fireplace is a bestseller on Amazon and highly rated by several hundred reviewers.  

Some of my favorite features of this compact electric fireplace is the lifelike logs, three flame intensity and brightness, that can be set with or without heat. All these features can be adjusted on its remote control, which means you can have the look and feel of a real crackling wood fire, by the touch of a button and without the need to cut or buy wood.  The flame is very realistic, but you won’t fool anyone that it is a real fire.  However, for the price and quality of this electric fire, it is for sure one of the best on the market.

Some other things of interest:

  • Comes in two sizes: The 30” dimensions are 31.89″ L X 8.78″ W X 24.61″ H, and the 33” dimensions are 35.04″ L X 8.78″ W X 26.99″ H, making it an ideal choice for not only small rooms but medium to large, as well.
  • Uses 100% energy saving technology, which will save you money over time.
  • The logs and flame have a beautiful realistic look, without the smell and smoke that would blow into your room from a real log fire.  In fact, the only thing missing is that crackling sound of burning wood.
  • The temperature range is 60 °F to 84 °F and provides supplemental heat for up to 400 sq. ft, which will heat up a decent size room.
  • The insert fireplace is easy to install and uninstall and can be controlled from the comfort of your chair with the remote control provided.   

If you are like me and enjoy the look and feel of a real fire during winter, without the hassle of cutting or buying wood and the mess of making and then cleaning up after a real fire, then this realistic electric fire by PuraFlame is an ideal choice.  The 30” or 33” sizes will be a great choice for small to medium sized living rooms or studio apartments because the heat settings can be increased to heat up to 400 sq feet.  If you would like to read some of the many positive reviews on this electric fire and see the bargain price, then click on the ‘more details’ links, below.  

This video is of the 33″ and shows how beautiful and realistic this electric fireplace looks.

30” Electric Fireplace Insert with Remote Control By PuraFlame

Best Compact Size Fireplace For Small Apartments

Realistic Compact 23” Electric Fireplace By Dimplex

small electric fireplace insertCompact size and so realistic, this little electric fireplace will look fantastic in your living room.  This 23” electric fireplace is ideal for small dens and its realistic looks will amaze visitors.  However, the real beauty of having this fireplace is that you get to have the realism, without the mess, without the smoke, without the cleaning and without the gas.  Within seconds and at the touch of a button, you will have a fire that looks like it was burning for a couple of hours.

What I really like about this small electric fireplace is that even though it is only 23” in length, it still can heat up to 400 sq feet.  I also love the realistic flames and the pulsing ember that really makes you feel that you are cozying up to a real log fire.

Other interesting features:

  • Just plug it in and insert it into any standard fireplace opening.  No need for the hassles of setting up the fire, maintaining the fire and then cleaning up the mess the next day.
  • A built in fan forced heater distributes heat evenly and silently and will heat up to 400 sq feet comfortably.
  • Works with or without heat.  This means you can use this fire all year round.  If you don’t need to heat up your room but still like the look of a fire, then turn on the flames without the heat.
  • Choose from full heat, half heat or flame only.
  • Compact size measures 23″ W x 19-1/2″ H x 10-3/4″ D, making it ideal for small living areas.
  • Green and economical output, costing less than 2 cents per hour to run.
  • Comes with a remote control that will turn on and off the fire from anywhere in the room.  No need to leave your chair to fix the fire anymore.
  • No glass cover gives a more realistic log fire appearance.

Dimplex are one of the leading brands when it comes to making electric fireplaces and they are known for their realistic look.  This 23” small fireplace certainly lives up to the Dimplex name.  It is as real looking as faux fires double or triple its price and it provides very good heat also.  If you are looking for a realistic, open electric fireplace that is small in size, then look no further than this 23” compact size insert.  if you are interested in more details on this electric fireplace, then click on the more details link below.

Realistic Compact 23” Electric Fireplace By Dimplex

Best Corner Electric Fireplace For Small Living Rooms

Small Corner Electric Fireplace By Real Flame

Corner Electric Fireplace For Small Living RoomsCorner spaces are often left unused in a room, however what a nice area to have a classy looking fireplace.  This attractive looking electric fireplace will slot nicely into your living room corner and not only add some class to the room but will also provide some nice heat for chilly evenings.

This electric fireplace does involve some assembly and will arrive in two separate boxes. One box will contain several pieces of wood and the other will have the electric fireplace insert.  The whole assembly should take roughly one hour to complete and is very easy to do.  Tools and instructions are provided.

The fire may not look as realistic as the previous two electric fireplaces above, however the glowing embers that fade in and out are just one of the nice features that I really like.

More useful information:

  • The mantel is made of veneer medium density wood and requires assembly, however you don’t need to be a DIY expert to do this.
  • The unit can be run in display mode, which has 5 settings and allows you to have a fire running without any heat.
  • It does not have a thermostat setting that allows you to turn it on automatically at certain times, however it does have a remote control, so you can turn it on and off from another part of the room.
  • Overall Dimensions are 40.94″ Wide x 37.6″ High x 25.3″ Along Wall

If you are looking for a corner piece for your living room, to heat up the room or just for that real fire ambiance, then this electric fireplace by Real Flame is a fantastic choice.  It is elegant and pretty and will be a great addition to any room.  If you want to see more information and read what other customers thought about this small electric fireplace by Real Frame, then click on the link below.

Small Corner Electric Fireplace By Real Flame

Best Classic Electric Fireplace For Small Spaces

Small Regular Shaped Electric Fireplace by Real Flame

Classic Electric Fireplace For Small SpacesWould you like a fireplace that is easy to assemble and looks great.  Well this electric fireplace by Real Flame is very similar to the corner version above, however this regular shaped one can be set against a wall.  No chimney needed, no hole in the wall, just choose an area you like near a standard outlet and place the fireplace against the wall.  Plug it in and you have a ready made beautiful fire within seconds.  The design is very elegant and attractive and will definitely add the desired ambiance and elegance to any living room.

More Details:

  • The fireplace will arrive in two separate boxes.  One box will contain the veneered medium density fiberwood, that needs to be assembled. The other box will have the electric fireplace insert.  The wood parts are very easy to assemble and the unit should be ready to use within an hour.
  • The fireplace can be set on wood or carpet because it will not heat up on the bottom area.  You can also set a flat screen TV on top without worrying about the heat damaging the TV.
  • Other features include remote control, programmable thermostat, timer function, brightness settings and ultra bright Vivid Flame LED technology.
  • Colors available in Dark Walnut, Espresso, and White.
  • Overall Dimensions are 40.9” W x 11.8” D x 37.6” H.

This elegant electric fireplace is a classical looking piece of furniture and will look great in any living room, however its compact size makes it an ideal choice for smaller spaces.  If you are looking for a classic style fireplace with realistic fire and embers, then you should definitely consider this one be Real Frame.  To have a closer look at the color you like, click on the link : Dark Walnut, Espresso, White.

Small Regular Shaped Electric Fireplace by Real Flame

Best Portable Small Electric Fireplace

Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove with 3-D Flame Effect by DuraFlame

This Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove by Duraflame is an ideal choice for heating up any room, especially if you have a small living space.  Duraflame claims that this little electric heater can heat up 1,000 sq ft, however this is unlikely. That being said, it is a great choice as a zone heater and will heat up a small room and more.  It is a convenient and portable heater that allows you to move the heater with ease and position the heater in any direction you wish.  And of course, is very safe to have around children and pets.


  • 5,200 BTU heater
  • Portable and great for zone heating
  • Realistic 3D flame with 5 different settings to choose from
  • Safer plug prevents overheating, preventing fires from starting
  • Infrared heat provides a more natural humidity in the air compared to drying air from traditional heaters.
  • Zone heating is great for saving money as you only heat the area that you are in.
  • Easy to install. Just screw on the legs and it is ready to start.
  • Remote control included
  • Can have flame effect without heat

Infrared heat provides a gentle heat that maintains natural humidity in the air, rather than dry air that many traditional heaters provide. This means that your skin and airways will not dry out either.
The 3D flames are pretty damn realistic and impressive.  It is fun to see people new to electric fires think that they will burn their fingers by going too close to the 3D flames, however, of course that won’t happen because there is no heat coming from the flames. The bonus of this is that you don’t have to worry about children or pets getting too close to the fire.
I really like the safer plug technology that Duraflame provides with this electric heater.  If the plug temperature rises above a certain temperature, the heater will automatically shut-off.  This will prevent overheating that can lead to fires.
The Duraflame Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove with 3D effect is a portable, convenient and very realistic small electric heater and a great choice for heating up a small area.

Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove with 3-D Flame Effect by DuraFlame

Best Narrow Vertical Fireplace For Small Rooms

Narrow Vertical Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace By Napoleon

Narrow Vertical Fireplace For Small RoomsI chose this vertical electric heater because of its unusual design and contemporary modern look.  The vertical heater can be wall mounted or flush mounted, however if you flush mount it, then it will take more effort.

The feature I absolutely love about this unit is the crystal rocks and different color combinations. This modern electric fireplace may not look as realistic as some of the other ones, however I don’t think it is designed to.  It is designed to stand out and it certainly does.

The vertical, narrow shape will be ideal for narrow free space and excellent for smaller rooms.

Additional information:

  • The heater is quiet and efficient and can be conveniently turned on and off by remote control.
  • There are high, medium and low heat settings to choose from.
  • A wonderful ambience can be created by choosing a pink, blue or orange back lit night light.
  • Glass crystaline ember bed provides a beautiful contemporary look.
  • Can be plugged in or hardwired, wall mounted or recessed.
  • No assembly required, just hang, plug in and it is ready to work.
  • Overall Dimensions: 17” W x 6” D x 38” H.

If you like the idea of a more contemporary fire heater and really want to make a statement in your living room, then this electric fireplace is an ideal choice.  It really is a beautiful unit and because of its narrow width, will be perfect for small rooms.  To see the price, read customer reviews and extra details, follow the link below.

Narrow Vertical Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace By Napoleon

Best Electric Fireplace Stove Heater

Portable Free-Standing Small Electric Stove Heater By VonHaus

Electric Fireplace Stove HeaterThis classically design vintage electric stove heater not only looks great but is also a real bargain buy.  This heater will be great for people that like the old rustic look of a stove heater, without the hassle of adding coal and wood.  It may not have the modern look of some of our previous electric fireplaces, however, with its realistic glowing embers inside, this stove heater definitely looks the part.

What you should know about this electric heater:

  • This stove heater has two heat settings (750W and 1500W) and is capable of heating up 150 sq feet. It would be ideal for small to medium size rooms.
  • The flame brightness can be adjusted and can be used with or without heat.  This means if you like to look at the flames during warm evenings and don’t need the heat, then switch on the flames without the heat.
  • For added safety, the heater is fitted with a thermal cut off switch.
  • The unit is already assembled.  All that needs to be done is to add the legs.
  • Overall Dimensions: 16.8″ W x 10.8″ L x 20″ H.  Small, compact size, making it a perfect choice for small spaces.
  • The top area and glass do not become hot, therefore it is ideal for child and pet safety.

Stove heaters are not only great looking but they also add that rustic, old feel to a room.  There are a choice of coal/wood, gas or electric stove heaters to choose from, however the coal/wood heaters are very messy and can get tedious to maintain the heat and clean up afterwards.  The gas stove heaters have their own safety issues.  

This electric stove heater is a wonderful clean, safe and hassle free option.  You get all the benefits of appearance and heat, but with none of the hassle and safety issues.  This specific model is also compact in size and a great choice for smaller rooms.  If you would like to know more about this popular electric stove heater, then click for more details below.

Portable Free-Standing Small Electric Stove Heater By VonHaus

Best Budget Mini Electric Fireplace

Bargain Mini Electric Portable Fireplace By 3GPlus

Budget Mini Electric FireplaceThis mini electric fireplace is the smallest, lightest and cheapest unit I am reviewing in this article, however it is still a little powerhouse heater for its size.

At only 10” in height, this little electric heater would be an ideal choice for dorm rooms or bedrooms, to heat up on those cold days.  

Due to its miniature size and budget price, don’t expect it to heat up very large areas, however it still heats well for such a miniature size.

Details and measurements:

  • Supreme safety: Like the other electric fireplaces, this one has an automatic cut off switch if the temperature reaches too high, however this one also has another safety feature that I really like.  If this heater falls over, the safety tip over switch will automatically turn it off.  This is a really handy safety feature to have because this heater weighs only 9 lbs, therefore could be easily pushed over by a child or pet.  However, you don’t have to worry about it starting a fire because it will turn itself off.
  • Flame effect can be used with or without heat, so it can be used all year round.
  • The heater has three settings : High 1000W, Low 500W or Glow only.
  • Plastic shell with a glass viewing screen and a log flame effect.
  • Overall Dimensions and Weight: 13.50″ L x 6.89″ W x 9.8″ H and 8.14lb.

This mini portable electric fireplace is a very useful little heater for small rooms, small offices, dorm rooms and other small bedrooms that quickly and conveniently need to be heated up.  It looks great and is inexpensive also, however its safety features are definitely not low budget.  If you are looking for a small size, bargain price, mini electric fireplace heater for a small space, then click for more details below.

Bargain Mini Electric Portable Fireplace By 3GPlus

Best Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplaces

Sideline Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplaces By Touchstone

Recessed Mounted Electric FireplacesOne issue with electric fireplaces, especially for small spaces, is the amount of space they can take up.  Many people living in small apartments settle for small size electric heaters even if they would prefer a larger one.  However, this doesn’t have to be the case.  With recessed mounted electric fireplaces you can get an electric fireplace that won’t take up any ground space at all.

The only space needed is the space on the wall.  The electric fireplace fits neatly into the hole in the wall and won’t take up anymore space than a large painting.

The downside of a recessed fireplace is that installation is a lot more difficult and unless you are a DIY handy-person, then you may need the help of someone who is, to install it.

Here is some more useful information:

  • The heater is sleek and modern looking and with the black background, it will add a real touch of class to any room.
  • It comes with easy to follow instructions, guiding you through the installation by yourself.
  • Two heat settings: High and Low.
  • Three flame colors to choose from: Blue, Orange and Blue-Orange.
  • These flames can be adjusted between 5 settings, from a small glow to an intense blaze.
  • You can enjoy these flames at anytime without the heat.
  • The heat can be set to run for 30 mins all the way up to 7.5 hours, when it will automatically turn off.
  • Control this quality electric fireplace from the comfort of your own chair with the provided remote control.
  • Faux fire logs and glass crystals give a realistic and modern feel.
  • The heat emits to 400 sq feet.
  • Choose between 36”, 50”, 60” or 72”.  The smallest size measures 36” W x 5.5” D x 21.4” H.

I really love the seamless look of a recessed mounted electric fire.  It really feels like the flames are inside the wall and looks so pretty.  Customers have said that assembly was pretty straight forward, however this may be down to the skills of the individual.  Touchstone believe that with the instructions provided, that the customer should be able to mount the fireplace themselves.

If you would like to read the many positive reviews on this beautiful electric fireplace and also checkout the price, then click for more details below.

Sideline Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplaces By Touchstone

Best Media Console Electric Fireplaces

Solid Media Console Electric Fireplace Heater By Southern Enterprises

Media Console Electric FireplacesIf you want an electric fireplace that is strong and sturdy enough to hold your large TV on top, then I may have found one for you here.  This fireplace by Southern Enterprises is not only sturdy enough to hold a 46” wide TV on its mantel, but it also provides some valuable extra storage space, with two glass cabinets on either side of the electric heater and two shelves above.

The electric space heater is quiet and efficient and can comfortably heat up a room of 400 sq feet.  If you are looking for a realistic looking fire with a high quality wood mantelpiece, then this one is definitely worth considering.

Details about this fireplace:

  • Use the remote control to set the thermostat, control the timer and adjust the intensity of the logs and flames, to set the perfect ambiance and heat in your room.
  • Material used for construction include red oak, MDF, particle board and ash veneer.
  • The space heater insert is a 1500W energy saver and has protective glass that will always be cool to the touch.
  • Size and weight:  The fireplace is free-standing and weighs a sturdy 130 lbs.
  • It measures 48” W, 16.25” D, and 32.5” H.
  • Assembly is not difficult.  Instructions are clear and all pieces are well labeled.

Overall, I really like this electric fireplace.  For the bargain price, it should look cheaper than it does, however, it is actually very strong and sturdy and looks very nice.  If you are looking for an all-in-one electric fireplace to place a large TV on, then you can’t go wrong with this bargain buy by Southern Enterprises.  The storage cabinets and shelves are an added bonus and very helpful for smaller rooms.  I recommend you look at some of the photos of the assembled electric fireplace uploaded by some of the happy customers on Amazon, in the more details section, below.

Solid Media Console Electric Fireplace Heater By Southern Enterprises

How To Choose An Electric Fireplace

When choosing an electric fireplace, you will need to consider the size of the room you will have the unit in and also the area you will be placing it.  The majority of forced fan electric heaters are capable of heating up to 400 sq feet, so if your room is larger than this then you may want to consider an infrared quartz heater because they can heat up larger spaces.

Of course, the size of the ceiling space will also affect the capability of the electric fireplace heating up the room.  The higher the ceiling, the harder it will be to heat the room.  Windows and drafts can also impact the effectiveness of heater and the room’s capability to retain the heat.

Size, type and price are also things to consider when buying an electric fireplace.  There are several sizes of fireplaces to choose from and usually the price reflects the size.  There are also several types to choose from as you can see in the choice of reviews above, including free standing, recessed, insert, wall mounted etc.  I tried to choose the best electric fireplace from each type and all have at least one version suitable for small spaces.

Of course, safety features such as a cut off switch when high temperatures are reached are important features to have.

Electric fireplaces are great looking, quiet and efficient appliances that can effectively heat up a room.  They can not only look very realistic but are also hassle free because they do not need to be cleaned after every use and fuel doesn’t need to be added like coal and wood.  They are also smoke free, gas free and do not need a vent, therefore a lot safer than other fireplaces.  Check out another article on the best mini split air conditioners as another option to heat (or cool) your room.  I hope you found these reviews helpful and were able to find an electric fireplace perfect for your small space.

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