Best Loft Beds For Small Rooms

There are many types of beds available that will help you make the most of limited space in small rooms.  An example of one would be a fold up bed that can be neatly stowed away when not needed. 

Another option would be in a previous article, the best trundle beds for small spaces, where I reviewed my favorite trundle beds that can be placed under other furniture to free up additional space. 

However, in this article I will cover another great alternative, the loft bed.  Loft beds are a fantastic choice of bed for people wanting to transform a cramped small studio or bedroom into a more spacious, airy room.

A loft bed is similar to a bunk bed but without the bottom bed.  Just like bunk beds, loft beds make use of the unused space in the upper area of a room.  The difference between the two is that a loft bed allows you to use the ground space underneath the bed for other purposes.

Loft beds are very popular for students in dorm rooms because they can place their study table, computer and other college stuff underneath the loft bed.  Loft beds are not only for teenagers and students.  One of these Top 10 Loft Beds for Small Rooms can be a great addition to any small room and are a fantastic way of making the best use of valuable space in small bedrooms.

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No.1 Best Loft Bed For A Small Room

DHP Junior Loft Bed Frame With Ladder

This junior loft bed by DHP is a bestselling, highly rated option with over 2,500 reviews on Amazon.  This mini loft bed is very popular and it is easy to see why. 

Firstly, is the price.  It is one of the cheapest loft beds on Amazon, however, consumers appear to be very happy with its quality.  It is strong, sturdy and looks great.  This is a basic, no frills loft bed, but its budget price makes it great value.

Secondly, this short loft bed is ideal for young kids.  It only measures 50” from top to bottom, so is not too intimidating for young children to climb up and sleep on.  At 4’ 2” in height, it will also make life easier for you.  You can easily tuck your little one in at night and this short height makes changing the sheets a breeze.

Also, it has a full-length guardrail to provide a safe and secure sleeping space for your child.   A three step ladder is built in to allow easy access to the end of the bed. 

Of course, you can use the under area of the loft bed as you please.  It can be a play area or even as another sleep area, if you want to put another bed underneath.   

The bed is available in several different colors and is made of sturdy metal.  Also, many people like to decorate their loft bed with curtains, to make the play area underneath more colorful and private.

This budget friendly junior loft bed looks great, is sturdy, high quality and budget friendly.  It is highly rated on Amazon and gets my No.1 recommendation. 

Description and Measurements

  • Highly rated junior size loft bed
  • Budget friendly
  • Material: Metal
  • Colors: Black, Navy, Pink, Silver, White
  • Built in ladder and full length guardrails for added safety
  • Accommodates a twin mattress
  • Only 50″ in height, allows easy access for you to tuck your child in and change sheets
  • Perfect space-saving design
  • Solid, safe and sturdy construction
  • Measurements:  78″ L x 51″ W x 50″ H
  • Weight: 58.5 lbs
  • Weight limit: 200 lbs
DHP Junior Loft Bed Frame With Ladder

Shortest Loft Bed For Small Children

Milton Low Loft Bed by Dorel Living

Next on my list is the Dorel Living Milton loft bed.  This loft bed compares well to the previous review and is also very good value.  

This mini loft bed is even shorter, measuring only 43” in height.  The measurement between the floor and the underside of the bed is 26.75”, which is quite low.  Not much room under there, but young children really like hanging out under it.  They can play with their toys, store their toys, or you can use it as a space saving storage area for other stuff. 

43” is just over 3 and a half feet, which means that this little loft bed is super low to the ground.  It is the shortest loft bed in this list and ideal for small children.  You will also have very easy access to the tuck in your child and change sheets, clean the bed etc.

This very short loft bed is made of wood, is solid and sturdy and is available in Espresso and White.  It is very good value and you should definitely consider it if you are looking for a very short loft bed for your little one.

Description and Measurements

  • Low loft bed
  • Budget friendly
  • Material: Wood
  • Colors: Espresso, White
  • Straight up ladder and full length guardrails for added safety
  • Accommodates a twin mattress
  • Only 43″ in height, allows very easy access for you to tuck child in, change sheets and clean bed area
  • 26.75″ space under loft bed
  • Perfect space-saving design
  • Solid, safe and sturdy construction
  • Measurements:  78.75″ L x 43.25″ W x 43″ H
  • Weight: 59 lbs
  • Weight limit: 165 lbs
Milton Low Loft Bed by Dorel Living

Compact Loft Bed with Extra Storage & Table

Metal Twin Low Loft Bed by Walker Edison

Walker Edison furniture Company have produced a choice of low loft beds, full size loft beds and loft bed workstations.  The images and review are of the low loft bed.  Through the link provided you can not only see the low loft bed but also check out the other loft beds too.

I really like the look of this low loft bed.  It is short but stylish and will be a great space saving bed for a small bedroom.  However, how is it any different to the other low loft beds? 

Well firstly, this loft bed offers a couple of shelves for added storage.  Instead of a built-in ladder, Walker Edison have cleverly built-in a couple of sturdy shelves at the end of the bed.  These shelves will be great for storing books and toys etc but are also used as a sturdy step ladder to climb up to the bed.

The loft bed measures 46” from top to bottom, which is very short and great for young children.  As stated in previous reviews, a bed this low is perfect for a small child and for you to tuck them in.

It is a strong and sturdy loft bed and looks great.  A nice little touch by the manufacturer is the desk on wheels that is included with the bed.  This desk can be rolled out from under the loft bed when needed and stored back under the bed again when not being used.  The desk matches the loft bed perfectly.

The space available under the loft bed measures just under 34” in height, which should give the little one a nice place to play and store toys.

Overall, this low loft bed is a nice option and good value.  It has got some good reviews and will be an ideal choice for small kids.  The shelves and desk on wheels are added bonuses and also help as space savers.

Description and Measurements

  • Low loft bed
  • Good value
  • Material: Metal
  • Colors: Black, White
  • Two sturdy shelves for added storage
  • Strong shelves also used as a ladder
  • Includes a roll in desk with wheels
  • 12.5″ guardrail for added safety
  • Accommodates a twin mattress
  • Only 46.25″ in height, allows very easy access for you to tuck child in, change sheets and clean bed area
  • Just under 34″ space under loft bed
  • Perfect space-saving design
  • Solid, safe and sturdy construction
  • Measurements:  79″ L x 41.75″ W x 46.25″ H
  • Weight: 90 lbs
  • Weight limit: 250 lbs
Metal Twin Low Loft Bed by Walker Edison

Small Loft Bed for Small Space (with Slide)

DHP Junior Twin Metal Loft Bed with Slide

Another mini loft bed for small children, however this one has a slide included.

This low loft bed has a strong and sturdy frame that allows a weight limit of 200 lbs on the bed. It is available in three different colors including Silver, Red and White.

It does look like a nice short loft bed, however what makes it different to the previous loft beds on the list, is that it has a slide on one side of the bed. There is a straight up ladder on one side and a slide on the other. This means that when your child wants to get down off the bed, the slide is a fun way for them to reach the ground. Of course, this will be a fun way to start the morning after waking up.

The slide is bolted on and secure, however if you do want to remove it, you can. The slide also has guardrails to make sure the user won’t fall off. of course, this slide will be fun for kids of all ages, however even though it will hold a heavier kid, small children will get the most fun from it as it only measures around 12″ wide and 64″ long.

The loft bed has all the other benefits of having 29″ of free space under the bed for playing and for storing. It measures 43″ from the floor to the top of the bed, so is very low for small kids and for you to gain easy access to the child and bed.

If you want to add extra fun to your young child’s bedroom, then this short loft bed could be just what you are looking for.

Description and Measurements

  • Low loft bed with slide
  • Great for adding some fun to your child’s bedroom
  • Material: Metal
  • Colors: Silver, Red, White
  • Slide has guardrails for added safety
  • 11.5″ guardrail on bed
  • Built-in ladder
  • Accommodates a twin mattress
  • Only 43″ in height, allows very easy access for you to tuck child in, change sheets and clean bed area
  • 29″ space under loft bed
  • Perfect space-saving design
  • Solid, safe and sturdy construction
  • Measurements:  77.5″ L x 41.5″ W x 43″ H
  • Weight: 95 lbs
  • Weight limit: 200 lbs
DHP Junior Twin Metal Loft Bed with Slide

Best Study Loft Bed for a Teenager

DHP Studio Loft Bunk Bed with Desk and Shelves

This loft bed is designed for bigger kids of around 7 years and above. It is taller than the previous low loft beds, measuring 74″ in height. Not only is this loft bed taller but it also has 12.5″ guardrails all around the bed. There is no gap by the ladder, which means the person will need to step over the safety rail from the top rung of the ladder, therefore not suitable for very small legs.

It is a fantastic designed loft bed that has a study desk with upper shelf on the left side and three shelves on the right side. The desk will be a perfect place for homework and study, where as the extra shelves are always a bonus for keeping the room tidy.

This metal loft bed is strong and sturdy, with a weight limit of 200 lbs. It is a classy looking loft bed that I’m sure most kids would love. It is available in a choice of Silver and Black.

Tip: One small negative is that the ladder rungs are quite thin so not the most comfortable on bare feet. However, you can overcome this by cutting up some foam pipe insulator to place over the rungs. It will be cheap and very easy to solve this minor problem.

Description and Measurements

  • Metal loft bed with desk and shelves
  • Suitable for slightly older children (around 7 and above)
  • Material: Metal
  • Colors: Silver, Black
  • 12.5″ guardrail on all areas of the bed
  • Built-in ladder (read tip above)
  • Accommodates a twin mattress (6″ maximum height)
  • 74″ in height
  • 58″ space under loft bed
  • Perfect space-saving design with desk and extra shelves
  • Solid, safe and sturdy construction
  • Measurements:  77.5″ L x 41.5″ W x 74″ H
  • Weight: 126 lbs
  • Weight limit: 200 lbs
DHP Studio Loft Bed with Desk and Shelves

Best Full Size Loft Bed For Adults

Dorel Living Denver Full Size Loft Bed

A simple yet stylish full size wood loft bed by Dorel Living. This loft bed has a solid panel headboard and footboard, which is a nice touch. It has strong and sturdy wood construction, with a weight limit of 250 lbs.

This full size loft bed measure 72″ from top to bottom. That is 6 feet, so make sure to measure your ceilings before buying. Remember that a person should be able to sit up while on the bed.

There is 55.5″ of free standing space under the loft bed, which is ample room for a child to move around and play.

The guardrail measures 14″, which adds extra safety for the sleeper. It also includes a 5-step ladder for easy access up and down.

This loft bed will need more than one person to assemble. At least two or even three people will make it easier to screw in parts, while holding up the headboard and footboard.

Description and Measurements

  • Full size wood loft bed with solid panel headboard and footboard
  • Suitable for slightly older children (around 7 years and above)
  • Material: Metal
  • Colors: Blue, Espresso, White
  • 14″ guardrail for extra safety
  • 5 step ladder can be attached to left or right side
  • Accommodates a full size mattress (recommended 6″ thick mattress)
  • 72″ in height
  • 55.5″ space under loft bed
  • Great space-saving design for small rooms
  • Solid, safe and sturdy construction
  • Measurements:  79.25″ L x 80.5″ W (including ladder) x 72″ H
  • Weight: 128 lbs
  • Weight limit: 250 lbs
Dorel Living Denver Full Size Loft Bed

Space Saving Low Loft Bed with Full Size Bed

Concord Junior Loft Bed Full Size Bed

What makes this loft bed different to the others? Well if you want a full size bed on a low loft bed, then this is the one for you. This Junior loft bed by Concord measures only 46.5″ from top to bottom. It is a short loft bed like earlier reviews on my list, however instead of a twin size bed, this one accommodates a full size mattress.

This is a very sturdy loft bed constructed with 100% solid pine wood, with a weight limit of 400 lbs. It has a 14 piece wood slat foundation for added support and stability.

This bed is ideal for kids and adults. It is low enough for young children but big enough and strong enough to accommodate two adults.

Of course a loft bed is a perfect bed for using the extra free space that is under the bed. This loft bed has a height space of 30″ under the bed, which is fine for kids to play under and great for adults to store lots of stuff.

Overall, this is a great loft bed for anyone looking for a low loft bed with a full size bed. It is strong, sturdy and looks great. It is highly rated and suitable for young kids, teens and adults a like.

Description and Measurements

  • Junior loft bed that accommodates a full size mattress
  • Suitable for kids, teens and adults
  • Material: 100% solid pine wood
  • Colors: White, Cappuccino, Grey
  • 14″ guardrail for extra safety
  • 3 step straight up ladder
  • Accommodates a full size mattress (recommended mattress does not exceed 8″)
  • 46.5″ in height
  • 30″ space under loft bed
  • Perfect space-saving design for small rooms
  • Solid, safe and sturdy construction
  • Measurements:  80″ L x 59″ W x 46.5″ H
  • Weight: 107 lbs
  • Weight limit: 400 lbs
Concord Junior Loft Bed Full Size Bed

Best Loft Bed For College Students In Small Dorm Rooms

DHP X-Loft Bunk Bed

We put this fantastic looking loft bed in the college student section because of its extra long desk, however this loft bed would look great in any bedroom that needs a desk.  It is an unusual shape compared to other loft beds I reviewed, however, this solid metal loft bed is the real deal.

The DHP X-Loft Bed is a perfect space saver for a college student staying in a small dorm room because it means a bulky study desk can be removed, freeing up valuable space.  The desk underneath is the full length of the twin size bed, therefore, you can fit a laptop, a lamp and other items on top and still have space to spare.  It also means that many things can be stored underneath it.

It is advisable that two people will need to assemble the loft bed because some parts will need to be lifted when joining other parts together.  When assembling the loft bed it may seem quite wobbly at first, however, rest assured, this loft bed will be as solid as a bunk bed once the bolts and screws are tightened.  All tools come with the parts, therefore everything you need to assemble the bed will come with the delivery.

The ladder that you connect to the bed will protrude out a little(around a foot), however, the room will definitely feel a lot more spacious with this loft bed in it.

Dorm rooms are not known for being the most roomy of places, so having a loft bed is a great way of freeing up limited space in small dorm rooms.  Therefore, if you are a college student and would like an unusual yet stylish, sturdy and space saving loft bed then I recommend the DHP X-Loft Bunk Bed for small dorm rooms.

Description and Measurements

  • X shaped loft bed
  • Material: Black metal finish
  • Front ladder and guard rails for upper bunk
  • Accommodates a twin mattress
  • Full desk included
  • Perfect space-saving design
  • Solid, safe and sturdy construction
  • Measurements: 77″ x 57″ x 72″
  • Weight: 111 lbs
  • Weight limit: 225 lbs
DHP X-Loft Bunk Bed

Best Loft Beds with Storage for Small Rooms

DONCO Kids 760-CP Low Study Loft Bed, Dark Cappuccino

If your child has a small bedroom, then it is essential to make the most of the little space there is.  A compartment style loft bed could be exactly what you need to have all the bedroom essentials in one space. 

Many loft beds come with free space underneath the bed for you to place a desk or chair underneath. However, the Donco Kids low study loft bed is different because it neatly places a desk, drawers and a book shelf underneath the bed (all items in the image included except for the mattress).  This is why I think that this loft bed is a perfect piece of furniture to have in a small kid’s bedroom.

The Donco Kid’s loft bed is made of quality pine wood and finished with a dark cappuccino color.  The construction is strong and sturdy and should last for many years, making this loft bed a very good investment.

The three drawers are also very sturdy with measurements of roughly 26.5″x 13.5″x 5″.  The desk is 27″ high and can be conveniently wheeled in and out when needed.  The desk also has compartments underneath for added storage of school essentials.  Finally the book case is placed at the end of the bed to keep their school books together, making the room look neat and tidy.

The loft bed will arrive in four packages and will need to be assembled.  When space is limited, it can be difficult to fit all essential items into one small room.  However, when you have a cleverly designed piece of furniture like the Donco Kid’s low study loft bed, it takes away all the problems of having a small bedroom.

If you are looking for an attractive loft bed for your child’s small bedroom, then why not take a closer look at the Donco Kid’s loft bed for small rooms.

Description and Measurements

  • Low study loft bed
  • Materials: Pine wood
  • Product Weight: 180 lbs
  • Product Color: Dark Cappuccino
  • Guard rail for added safety
  • Ladder for easy access to the bed
  • Desk can be wheeled in and out
  • Measurements: 79″ x 43″ x 41″
  • Desk, drawers & bookshelf included
  • Up to an 8″ mattress recommended (mattress sold separately)
DONCO Kids 760-CP Low Study Loft Bed, Dark Cappuccino

Best Loft Bed For A Teenager

Joaquin Twin over Twin Convertible Loft Bed

Another ingeniously designed loft bed.  When I spotted this loft bed I automatically thought how great this would be for a young teenager hanging out with friends in their small room.  Small bedrooms can be very cramped, therefore inviting more than one friend over can be a struggle.  This is where this loft bed beats all the others. 

I really like this loft bed because not only do you get to make good use of upper room free space but also underneath the bed you can have a table and two chairs to eat meals, work, study or relax on.  I love the look of these table and chairs because they look like a diner style set.  You could fit four people on these chairs, so inviting friends over to hang out or for study groups will be a breeze with this loft bed.

What happens if one of their friends needs to sleep over.  That’s easy.  You just push down the table and place the back seat cushions on the mid section and voila, you have a ready made bunk bed (see other bunk bed reviews here).  Tip – Cover the table with a blanket before putting the cushions on top because the cushions are liable to scratch the desk.

The Coaster Home Furnishings loft bed doesn’t have all the different features of the previous loft bed, however it does look fantastic and has that great workstation feature that I am sure most kids will absolutely love.  If you want to save space in your kid’s room by removing the table and chairs, then look no further than this twin workstation loft bed for small spaces.

Description and measurements

  • Workstation and twin bunk bed style loft bed
  • Colors: Cappuccino, White
  • Sturdy straight rails and a central ladder
  • Padded seats and a table surface
  • The top bunk features a 125 lbs weight capacity
  • Bottom features a 150 lbs weight capacity
  • Dimensions: 81.5″ x 42.7″ x 72″
  • Weight: 185 lbs
Twin over Twin Workstation Loft Bunk Bed

Best All In One Loft Bed with Desk and Closet Underneath

Discovery World Furniture All in One Loft Bed, Twin, Espresso

Next, I have an all in one style loft bed that is absolutely perfect for a small room.  The beauty of these loft beds is that you are using the height of the room as space, meaning you get to use the underneath for other essential items.  Other essential items in a bedroom are desks, drawers and closets.  Well, how about having all of these items already built in and connected underneath your bed.

This all in one loft bed is a real space saver because not only does it have a strong twin size bed on top but underneath it also has 6 drawers, a pull out desk and a closet at the back. 

The closet at the back can be accessed by a door on either side of the bed.  The closet is the length of the bed, however it does not have a back to it.  The bed will be up against a wall anyway, therefore the wall will be the back of the closet. 

The closet may not be designed for hanging clothes and I am pretty sure that most people use it as an extra storage compartment for blankets, pillows and extra bedding.  If the loft bed is going to be in a kid’s bedroom, then they might take it over as a hiding place and secret compartment.

Another feature of this loft bed is the trundle bed at the bottom.  If it wasn’t enough to have all of the other space saving features in this loft bed, it also has another bed feature that can be pulled out and stored away when not in use. 

As a multi purpose piece of furniture, the Discovery World Furniture All In One Loft Bed is a real quality product that can transform a tiny room into a more spacious room.  This loft bed perfectly brings all of these essentials items into one package and would be a great addition to any small room with limited space.

Description and measurements

  • All in one loft bed
  • Color: Espresso
  • Solid wood construction with a rich Espresso finish
  • Complete slat kit included which makes the bed mattress ready
  • No foundation required
  • Unit includes a built in four drawer chest
  • Cork board
  • 16″ deep pull out desk with two media drawers
  • Twin size trundle bed is included
  • 33 cubic foot storage closet which is accessible from both sides
  • Assembly required
  • Mattresses and bedding not included
  • Dimensions: 82″ x 41″ x 66″
  • Weight: 340 lbs
Discovery World Furniture All in One Loft Bed, Twin, Espresso

Adding a loft bed to a small bedroom is a great idea to make the best use of limited space.  Most people think that a loft bed is just a bed on stilts and you can do what you want with the space underneath.  This can be true and there is nothing wrong with this, however as you can see in this article, there are many different types of loft beds. 

A loft bed can be a basic style or a grand style but I am sure you will agree that a loft bed would be an invaluable addition to any small bedroom.  I hope you found this article on the Top 10 loft beds for small rooms helpful and found the ideal loft bed for your small bedroom.

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