Small trundle beds for small spaces

What more could you ask for.  A bed on wheels that can can be conveniently rolled in and out from under another piece of furniture. 

A trundle bed is also just as comfortable as a regular bed because both use regular mattresses.  Trundle beds are perfect hideaway beds that are ideal for small homes. 

If you have visitors spending the night and don’t have a small guest room, then a trundle makes for a convenient guest bed.  If you live in a small apartment or cramped dorm room and don’t have enough space for a bed, then a trundle bed can be stowed away under a daybed or sofa.

You may also be interested in looking at some small sofa beds in this article because they can be just as useful for small spaces.  However in this article, I will be looking at some of my favorite types of small trundle beds for small spaces.

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Narrow Trundle Bed For Small Rooms

Concord Bed with Narrow Trundle Bed, Twin

I am starting with a twin size bed and have chosen the Concord bed with trundle as my No.1 choice.  The Concord bed is made of high quality hardwood that makes a very strong and sturdy bed.  Of course, the trundle bed underneath is the best part of this bed because it makes an ideal space saver for small bedrooms.

The trundle bed accommodates up to an 8″ mattress to allow enough space to wheel it in and out freely.  The bed is supported well by several slats, therefore does not need a box spring.  The Concord bed and trundle will need to be assembled and may arrive in several packages, however delivery is prompt.

I really like the look of this twin size bed and the solid wood construction makes for a very solid bed.  The trundle bed underneath can be wheeled in and out when needed, saving you time and space setting up a makeshift bed for guests.

I really recommend the Concord bed for young kids sharing a small room, or even a teenager inviting a friend to stay the night.  If you are looking to make the most of the tight space in a small room or studio, then this narrow trundle bed could be what you are looking for.

Description and Measurements

  • Twin size bed with narrow trundle bed 
  • Colors: White, Espresso, Caramel, Gray, Walnut
  • Item may ship in more than one box and may arrive separately
  • Constructed with eco-friendly hardwood
  • Designed for lasting durability using a protective five step finish
  • Mattress supported by their slat system and a foundation is not required
  • Trundle bed rolls smoothly on casters
  • Trundle bed accommodates up to an 8″ twin size mattress
  • Assembly required, fast and easy set up
  • Mattress and bedding sold separately
  • Measurements: 77″ L x 41.6″ W x 16″ H
  • Weight: 93 lbs

Concord Bed with Narrow Trundle Bed, Twin

Full Size Bed With Twin Trundle Bed For Small Spaces

Poundex Full Bed with Trundle

The Poundex Full size bed with twin size trundle is my choice for those needing a double bed.  The top bed is a full size bed, however, the trundle is a twin size making it ideal for parents and a child sharing the same room.  The trundle itself is not attached to the bed, therefore if needed, this trundle can be transferred to any part of the room or even to a different part of the house.

The bed is made with sturdy hardwood and upholstered with faux leather.  It will need some assembly on arrival, however it is pretty simple to put together.  The bed comes with 12 slats to provide more than enough support for two adults.

The trundle is not like a drawer where you can pull it in and out.  It is an independent piece that can be freely wheeled in and out fully.  Only one side of the trundle has the padded front, therefore one side of the bed is open.  This is fine when the bed is up against a wall as the open side will be covered (also bedding can cover this).

If you are a little cramped for space in your small home, then a full size bed with a twin trundle is a great way for you to store an extra bed underneath your bed during the day.  Have a look at some more details and positive reviews on this full size bed and trundle for small spaces, through the link below.

Description and Measurements

  • Full size bed with twin trundle bed 
  • Materials: Faux-leather and hardwood
  • 12 slats for added support
  • Trundle bed rolls smoothly on casters
  • Trundle bed accommodates up to an 8″ twin size mattress
  • Assembly required, simple to assemble
  • Mattress and bedding sold separately
  • Measurements:  Headboard 41″h / frontboard 19″h
  • Dimensions: 76″ x 56″ x 41″
  • Weight: 105 lbs

Poundex Full Bed with Small Trundle Bed

Compact Trundle Bed For Small Space – Trundle Bed Only

Leggett and Platt Pop-Up Small Trundle Bed

Maybe you don’t want a bed, sofa bed or daybed with your trundle.  If all that you want is a trundle bed to store underneath the bed that you already have in your small home, then the ’39-Inch Link Spring 66 Pop-Up Trundle for Daybeds with Dual Gravity Locks by Leggett and Platt’ is my recommendation for you. 

I really like the spring loaded mechanism in this trundle because it is easy to use and will pop up and lock into place when the spring is released.  This mechanism allows the trundle to go from a storage height of 4.5″ to a bed height of 15.25″.  When locked in place, the trundle is very stable and sturdy, so there is no need to worry about it unlocking.  I love the ease of assembly and effortless pressure needed to open up and close down this trundle.  The closed down size of less than 5″ is perfect for the majority of daybed and regular beds on legs, allowing you to free up some valuable space in small rooms.

The trundle comes with four 2″ plastic wheels, making it very easy to transfer this trundle around other parts of the room or house.  A mattress is not include with this frame, however a regular twin size mattress will fit perfectly on top.

If you are looking for a great quality, sturdy trundle frame for your small guest room or apartment, then look no further than this very popular twin size trundle by Leggett and Platt for small homes.

Description and Measurements

  • 39″ link spring trundle that’s spring-loaded to safely “pop” open when needed
  • Locking spring lifts the unit into the “up” position and automatically locks into place
  • When in the fully up position, gravity locks provide complete stability 
  • Allows for safe, controlled closing for storage
  • Measures 72″ (L) x 38.5″ (W)
  • Storage height 4.5″ 
  • Full height 15.25″ in height
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty

Leggett and Platt Pop-Up Small Trundle Bed

Daybed with Small Trundle Bed

Homelegance Daybed with Twinsize Trundle Bed

I thought I would give you an example of a popular daybed with trundle, however, if you would like to look at some other daybeds, then check out this article on some of my favorite daybeds for small spaces.

Daybeds look like sofa beds but the difference is a daybed has a regular mattress on it.  Basically, a daybed is a bed in the shape of a sofa.  Some daybeds come with enough open space underneath to roll in and out a trundle bed on wheels, however some daybeds have a trundle bed that looks like it is connected to the daybed.  This trundle bed by Homelegance can be rolled in and out like a drawer in a cupboard.

Daybeds are great for small homes that have limited space because you can fit two beds in the one piece of furniture and also have a seating area during the day.  The Homelegance Daybed looks a classy piece of furniture with its tufted back rest and nail head design on the armrests.  The daybed itself looks great, however, the comfort all depends on the mattress you put on it.

The daybed comes in colors Gray, Dark Gray or Brown and requires some assembly.  If you are looking for a classy daybed with trundle bed suitable for small spaces, then this daybed by Homelegance is certainly a great option.

Description and Measurements

  • Sleigh daybed with nail head armrests
  • Colors: Gray, Dark Gray, Brown
  • Tufted back rest and nail head accent for a classy, sophisticated look
  • Can fit up to 8″ thick mattress
  • Measures 84″ L x 45″ W x 42″ H inches
  • Trundle measures  75.8″ L x 38.6″ W x 12.2″ H inches
  • Trundle comes with caster for easy mobility
  • Minor assemble is required
  • Weight of item: 174 lbs

Homelegance Daybed with Twin Trundle Bed

If you are really looking for some small beds for easy storage, then why not have a look at these space saving fold up beds.

When space is limited in a small home, a trundle bed can be a great option to use as an extra bed.  Their mobility is a positive feature allowing you to roll it in and out when needed.  Trundle beds are great options for any apartment, bedroom, dorm room, or any place to store it underneath.  I hope you found this article on small trundle beds for small spaces helpful in your search for the ideal trundle bed for your small room.

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