Tips, guides and product reviews for small bedrooms. We hope these articles will help you maximise space in your small bedroom and make it look and feel bigger.

Best Folding Beds For Small Spaces Best Folding Beds For Small Spaces

Dual purpose furniture and folding furniture are great space saving items to have in any small home.  Here at Best for Small Spaces, we highly recommend using dual purpose furniture, like sofa beds or storage chair/benches, as a way of getting the benefits of two types of furniture in one piece.  Folding furniture is another…

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Best Mini Air Conditioners Best Mini Air Conditioners

More and more people choose mini split air conditioners because of their cost-effectiveness. Sales charts back up this claim. The mini split AC industry is experiencing unprecedented levels of growth.  Here are the major reasons why: Convenient installation process – tearing down and rebuilding is now a thing of the past.  The small pipes that…

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Room-Dividers-For-Studio-Apartments Room-Dividers-For-Studio-Apartments

Studio apartments can be wonderful places to live and are excellent starter homes.  They are easier to keep clean, keep warm and of course are cheaper to rent, buy and maintain. There are a lot of positives when it comes to living in a studio apartment, however one of the biggest complaints we here about…

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small-dressers-for-small-spaces small-dressers-for-small-spaces

Searching online for home furniture is not the easiest of tasks, however we hope that we can help you out by showing you some of our favorite choices of furniture for small homes.  Deciding on the best dresser was not easy, however we were able to narrow it down to our favorite five.  Of course…

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small-computer-desks-for-small-spaces small-computer-desks-for-small-spaces

If you are living in a small place, then things can feel pretty cramped already, without having to add extra pieces of furniture.  However, if you really want to have a computer desk so you can work or study in comfort,  what can you do.  Well, how about getting a small computer desk that will…

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