Best Room Dividers For Studio Apartments 2019


Studio apartments can be wonderful places to live and are excellent starter homes.  They are easier to keep clean, keep warm and of course are cheaper to rent, buy and maintain.

There are a lot of positives when it comes to living in a studio apartment, however one of the biggest complaints we here about studio apartments is the inability to segregate the room.  Everything is all in one space: the bedroom, the living room, the kitchen, are all in the one room.

There a few different types of room dividers that can help you divide a studio apartment up and in this article, Best Room Dividers For Studio Apartments 2019, you guessed it, we will be showing you some great room dividers to help you partition off different areas of your home.

Best Room Dividers For Studio Apartments

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Best Room Dividers For A Studio Apartment

Deluxe Woven Brown Bamboo 4 Panel Folding Room Divider Screen w/ Removable Storage Shelves


We assume that your studio apartment is quite small, therefore we chose a 4-panel room divider as our best choice because we feel that this size should be large enough for the average studio.  When choosing a room divider we looked for size, appearance and quality, and this deluxe woven room divider has it all.

When choosing a room divider, imagine where you are going to place it and measure the area to make sure you buy the right size.  This room divider measures approximately 70.75″ H x 0.75 D” and is well built, strong and sturdy.  Each panel measures around 19.75″ W and as it is a 4 panel divider, it should be ideal for small rooms. 

The divider is made of bamboo and comes in a beige or brown color. We really like the high quality appearance of this product and think it is attractive and well made.  If you do not want to use it all the time, then it can be folded up flat and stored away or moved to another place.

A very unusual feature this divider has and what caught our eye the most, was the optional shelves that can be inserted through the dividers.  Two sturdy wooden boards can slide through the panels to create extra shelving space.   This is an ideal feature for smaller homes and is a great way of decorating a room because framed photos, potted plants or other items can be displayed on these shelves.  It really is a clever idea and is the only time we have seen this feature on a room divider.

There are many designs of room dividers to choose from and they are a personal choice on what style you like. However we really like the extra storage space this one offers and we believe it would be a great choice for small studio apartments.  To have a look at extra images and reviews on this Attractive Studio Apartment Room Divider, click on the link.

Description and measurements

4 panel Bamboo room divider with extra shelving space
Color: Beige or Brown
Measures: 70.75″ H x 0.75 D”
Each panel measures: 19.75″ W
Weight: 20.3 lbs
Attractive, strong and study
Two boards can be slid into the divider to make shelves (optional)
Can be moved to block off parts of your room or to change the shape of an area
Folds completely flat for storage
Includes gift – multipurpose cleaning towel.


Deluxe Woven Brown Bamboo 4 Panel Folding Room Divider

Top Studio Apartment Room Dividers For Small Spaces

RoomDividersNow Premium Heavyweight Hanging Room Divider Kit


The next option for room dividing is a curtain divider.  A curtain divider is an easy and convenient way of opening and closing drapes that will partition one side of a room from the other.

These room dividers by RoomDividersNow come with an all you need kit that is easy to set up and comes in many different sizes and colors.  Just measure the height from the floor to the ceiling and the length of the area you want covered.  Then choose which size will suit your room the best.

These curtain dividers are not only great for studio apartments, but also can be used for added privacy in shared bedrooms and dorm rooms.  They are also great for hiding clutter or even for separating living rooms and small home offices.  Another bonus feature of these thick and heavy curtains is that they can help reduce sunlight reaching the entire room.

The heavyweight curtains are made of 100% polyester and non-flame retardant for added safety.  The kit comes with detailed instructions and is very easy to install.

This premium heavyweight hanging room divider kit is a simple solution to privacy issues that an open plan studio apartment or shared room may have.  If you like the idea of a hanging partition, then why not measure your room and have a look at the different sizes of this Curtain Style Room Divider.

Description and measurements

Premium heavyweight room divider kit
Attractive and easy to install
Several colors and sizes to choose from
Sizes start from as little as 3′ wide all the way up to 25′ wide
Material: 100% polyester (non-flame retardant)
Great for privacy for dorm rooms, shared bedrooms, dividing a studio apartment
Helps reduce sunlight in a bedroom
Detailed installation instructions come with each kit

RoomDividersNow Premium Heavyweight Hanging Room Divider Kit

Best Sliding Room Divider For Small Apartments

Chicology Adjustable Sliding Panels


This is another stylish room divider that will look great in a studio apartment.  Made of paper and polyester, these sliding panels have a texture that is similar to thin bamboo and are pretty good at reducing the light.  The width is adjustable from 40″ up to 80″, therefore if more than 80″ is needed for your home, then two sets will be necessary.  The length of the panels can be easily adjusted by trimming the ends up to 96″, with a regular scissors.  Do not worry about making a mess of the panels by cutting them.  Just follow the instructions and you will have the ideal length for your floor to ceiling size.

The rail is very easy to attach to the ceiling and the panels are attached to the rail by velcro.  Installation should take no more than 30 minutes, including trimming.  The panels have a variety of opening positions, from right to left, left to right or even parting in the center.

We also like the fact that the panels are cordless, making it a lot safer for children and pets.

We really like the look of this versatile partition for apartments and believe it is a great value buy.  It can be used as a room divider, a curtain or even a closet door.  It is stylish, attractive and easy to open and close.  Why not have a closer look at this Classy Room Divider here.

Description and measurements

Sliding panel room divider for studio apartments
Measures: 40″ to 80″ Width.
Length can be trimmed up to 96″
Very easy to install – Hardware and instructions included
Material: Paper and Polyester
Flexible mount: Wall or ceiling.  Inside or outside the frame
Woven appearance
Can be opened left to right, right to left or center parting
Cordless for children and pet’s safety
Suitable for window panels, as a closet door, room divider or for a balcony

Chicology Adjustable Sliding Panels

Best Room Dividing Ceiling Track For Small Homes

RoomDividersNow Ceiling Track Set


Why not set up your own ceiling track so you can add your own set of curtains to divide your room.  This room divider kit from RoomDividersNow will come with all you need to attach this track set to your ceiling.  It is very easy to install and comes with the track, roller hooks, installation hardware, saw, and end caps.  

You have a choice of white or silver track and sizes from as small as 3 ft up to 36 ft wide.  Made of premium aluminium, the track is strong and sturdy.  It is 2″ in diameter, will be fitted flat against the ceiling and is suitable for a variety of room dividers such as curtain panels, drapes, sheers, and valances.

We love how inconspicuous the track is and is barely noticeable on the ceiling.  We also love how smooth the drapes glide and how they seamlessly open and close with little effort.

This track set comes without room divider curtains, however, this gives you the option of using your own curtains or buying new curtains that you really like.  This room divider track set is a popular product with many positive reviews on Amazon.  To read some reviews and Check Out Further Information, click the link.

Description and measurements

Room divider ceiling track set
Ideal for partitioning rooms for added privacy
Easy to install and all hardware needed is included
Color: White or silver
Measures: Different sizes from 3 ft up to a width of 36 ft
Material: Aluminium
Installs flush against ceiling
Strong and sturdy
Barely noticeable
Curtains glide smooth, quietly and effortlessly
Divider curtains not included

RoomDividersNow Ceiling Track Set

A room divider is a great idea for people that may want a little more privacy in a shared room or want to section off certain parts of a room.  They are simple to install or are already ready to free stand, making them very convenient and useful.  We hope that you found ‘Best Room Dividers For Small Apartments 2019’ useful and whether you like a curtain style, free standing style or a gliding panel style, we hope you found a great room divider for your studio apartment.