Best Vanity Tables For Small Spaces 2019


Vanity tables are a luxury piece of furniture that may not be first on the list when it comes to buying furniture for small homes.  However, using some of our space saving tips in this website, maybe you can free up some space to add a vanity table to your bedroom.

Vanity tables come in all different sizes but for sure we will be concentrating on the smaller variety in this article.  Some of our vanity tables will have excellent storage features but all will be affordable, attractive and small enough to squeeze into a small area.  In this post, we will be reviewing some of the best vanity tables for small spaces, so that you can apply your makeup in comfort and style.

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No.1 Choice Vanity Table For Small Bedrooms

Coaster Home Furnishings Contemporary 3 Piece Vanity Table Set with Sliding Mirror and Stool Storage


This choice was a no brainer for our top vanity table pick.  Coaster Home Furnishings have really made a peach of a small vanity table and we love it.  Not only does this dressing table look great but the real reason we love it, is all the extra storage space it provides.

Storage area No.1 is behind the mirror.  The mirror slides left or right to reveal a decent amount of storage space behind it.  Behind the mirror are two shelves, the bottom one is only for short items, however the top one is tall enough to accommodate larger items, like lotions, spray cans etc.  It also has a ring holder at the base of the mirror cabinet and hooks to hang jewelry on.

Storage space No.2 is the the front drawer.  The front drawer slides in and out easily and is divided into little sections  These sections are great for keeping makeup organized and tidy.

And storage space No.3 is in the chair.  The cute little chair has a little bit of storage room underneath the cushioned seat.

The only downside of this awesome vanity table is that it is not the easiest piece of furniture to assemble.  Sorting out the right screw size for the right parts is probably the hardest part.  Just set aside around 3 hours one day to assemble it and you will be fine.  Believe us, it will be well worth the effort when it is finished.

At 31.5″ in length, this vanity table will not take up too much space in your room and with the extra storage it provides compared to other dressing tables, it is a perfect choice for small spaces.  If you are looking for a great looking small vanity table with ample storage space for makeup, styling products and jewelry, then look no further than this ideal dressing table for small bedrooms.

Description and measurements

Small vanity table with lots of storage
Color: Black or White
Material: Wood
Measurements: 31.5″ x 15.8″ x 58.5″
Weight: 83 lbs
Sliding mirror with shelf space behind
Ring holder and jewelry hooks
Pullout drawer with sections for organizing items inside
Stool with lift up seat for added storage

Coaster Home Furnishings Contemporary Vanity

Multi-Purpose Dressing Table For Small Bedrooms

Nexera Allure Vanity Table


Here at best for small spaces, we are big fans of multi-purpose furniture.  If we can find one good quality piece of furniture that replaces the need for two separate pieces, then we are sold.  This is why we chose this wonderful vanity table by Nexera as our next best choice.

We know that living in a small studio apartment or dorm room, where space is severely limited, can mean the need to improvise when it comes to putting on makeup.  Also having a laptop/writing desk and a vanity desk in one small room is too much to ask right? Not with this vanity table.  This table when closed is great to use as a regular style desk for school work, home office work or a as a mini computer desk.  However, when needed, it can transform into a sweet looking vanity table by lifting up the desk top to reveal a mirror underneath.

If you aren’t sold yet, then how about also having a storage area for all your beauty products beneath the desk top.  A writing table, laptop desk, homework desk, vanity table, with the added bonus of storing all your makeup products out of sight.  This is the ideal mutli-functional vanity table for small areas.

It is easy to assemble and shipping is pretty quick.  This vanity table by Nexera is perfect for maximizing space in small bedrooms, by providing many uses with such a small footprint.

Description and measurements

Vanity table with storage that can be used as a work or study desk also
Color: Ebony/White or White
Material:  CARB II/FSC Certified particle board and MDF materials
Measurements: 29.8″ x 18.6″ x 30.8″
Weight: 44 lbs
Desktop can be used as a regular desk or lifted up to reveal a mirror underneath
Under desk top is a table and a storage area to keep your beauty products
Great multi-purpose product
Great for saving space
Designed and made in Canada
Ships in 24-48H from order date
Easy assembly required

Nexera Multi-Purpose Vanity Table

Best Elegant Vanity Table For Girl’s Small Bedroom

Elegance Vanity Set with Mirror & Stool / Makeup Dressing Table


We think this elegant and pretty little vanity table and stool will be a prefect gift for a girl (or for a girl at heart).  Its design is very princess like, however it is not over the top.  The vanity table comes in 5 different sizes ranging from one drawer to seven drawers, therefore depending on the size of your room, you can choose the best fit for you.

To give you an idea of the size of the smallest table, it measures 30″ L x 16″ W x 56″ H, so it really won’t take up a lot of space in a small bedroom.  The smallest size is the one drawer vanity table, which has one small pullout drawer at the front.

The table is made of hardwood and medium density fiberwood, with a white paint finish.  The oval mirror can be spun 360°, allowing you to adjust the angle how you like.  

Another feature we like is the ability to remove the top part of the dressing table, which allows you to use the table top as a writing table or study desk.  This multi-purpose feature is very useful for cramped spaces because there will be no need to have two desks in a small bedroom.

The vanity table also comes with a cute and comfortable little stool.  Some simple assembly will be required.

If you are looking for an elegant little vanity table for your or your little girl’s bedroom, then this small vanity table by Elegance is well worth considering.

Description and measurements

Elegant multi-purpose vanity table (ideal for girl’s bedroom)
Material: Hardwood and medium density fiberboard
Color: White
Ranges in sizes from one drawer to seven drawers
Smallest size measures (one drawer): 30″ L x 16″ W x 56″ H
Weight: 28.7 lbs
360 degree mirror can be spun to suit the correct angle
Top area can be removed to free up the table to be used as a writing table or study desk
Stool included
Simple assembly required
Multi-purpose vanity table, ideal for space saving in small bedrooms

Elegance Dressing Table Makeup Vanity Table with Stool Set & Oval Mirror

Simple Small Dressing Table For Tiny Rooms

Crown Mark Iris Vanity Table and Stool


There must be a reason why there are over a thousand popular reviews on Amazon for this vanity table.  It is small and ideal for tiny rooms.  It is a simple and no frills looking dressing table, however it still looks great.

We really like how easy it is to assemble this vanity table.  The table top and stool arrive already assembled, which means all that is left to do is attach the legs and mirror.  It will really only take a few minutes to have the vanity table ready for use.  Even though it is quite small, it a solid and sturdy table, suitable for children and adults.

The table comes with a little sturdy stool that measures 18.25″ x 14.25″ x 16.75″.   The dressing table itself measures 28″ x 16″ x 50″, making it the smallest vanity table in this article and making it ideal for the smallest of rooms.  

Crown Mark have made a lovely little vanity table that is simple in design but still pretty to look at.  If you want to squeeze a small vanity table into your tiny room, then we recommend this popular little dressing table.

Description and measurements

Small simple vanity table for tiny rooms
Color: Espresso or White
Vanity table measures: 28″ x 16″ x 50″
Stool measures: 18.25″ x 14.25″ x 16.75″
Weight: 36.4 lbs
360° mirror for adjusting angle
Small drawer
Strong and sturdy
Simple to assemble, should only take a few minutes
Ideal for small spaces

Crown Mark Iris Vanity Table and Stool
Vanity tables may be a luxury piece of furniture not suitable for small spaces, however you can find small and narrow sizes to fit any size room.  Choosing not only a smaller size but also a multi purpose vanity table will definitely be the best way to fit one of these great looking tables into a room with limited space.  We hope that you found this article on the best vanity tables for small spaces helpful, and we hope you were able to find your perfect little dressing table for your or your little one’s bedroom.

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