Best Compact Toilets For Small Bathrooms

Choosing a toilet is a task that we don’t have to do often, therefore it is important to get it right when we do.  Getting it right means choosing a good quality toilet from a reputable brand.  A high quality toilet should last for over a decade, therefore it is an investment worth researching.

Knowing what to look for in a good quality toilet will help a lot and this article on the Best Compact Toilets For Small Bathrooms, will hopefully set you in the right direction.  I will be review my favorite small toilets, describing their features and giving my opinions on them.  I will also end the article with a few tips on what to look out for when buying a toilet for your small bathroom.

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Best Compact Toilet For A Small Bathroom

TOTO UltraMax II One-Piece Elongated Toilet

This small one piece toilet by Toto is a best seller on Amazon with many excellent reviews.  I really like the compact design of this toilet and the flushing system is excellent.


The Ultramax II is a one piece, sleek and a modern looking small toilet.  It looks compact and of high quality.  It has a comfort height seat of over 17″, which is quite tall.  Add in the elongated shape and you have a very comfortable seat.  With the glossy cotton white color, this small toilet looks great.


The Ultramax II comes in a universal height of just over 16” rim height with a seat height of 17.25”.  The tank width is a little over 16.5” and the tank height is 28.5”.  It is not the smallest toilet but for an elongated toilet it is compact and very much suitable for small bathrooms.

Gallons Per Flush:

Ultramax II uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush which is very low consumption and very efficient.  1.28 gallons per flush easily passes the US conservation standard of 1.6 gallons per flush.  If you are worried that 1.28 gallons per flush is not enough for a good flush, then don’t worry because these modern toilets are both powerful and highly efficient at getting maximum results with the minimum amount of water.

Flushing System:

The Tornado flushing system provides a powerful yet quiet flush every time.  The system uses two nozzles that smoothly and forcefully clean both bowl and rim thoroughly with every flush.  The tank should also fill quietly in several seconds.

Large Glazed Trapway:

Not only is it the flushing system that makes a clean bowl after each flush but also the larger than normal glazed trap way. The large trapway measures over 2” in diameter, making it larger than most toilets, which subsequently allows for more waste to travel through, per flush.

The trapway is also glazed with CEFIONTECT which prevents waste, mold and bacteria from sticking to the bowl.  With the powerful flushing system and the glazed trapway, it means a cleaner toilet and less maintenance.

SoftClose Seat:

Like most modern toilets, the Ultramax II has a soft close seat that is both smooth and quiet. Just set the seat in motion and it will close by itself.  This feature is also great for homes with little kids because you don’t have to worry about their little fingers getting caught under falling toilet seats.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I believe that this compact one-piece elongated toilet is an excellent product and would look great in a small bathroom.  Its seamless, sleek design is very appealing and with features like the double cyclone flushing system and the CEFIONTECT glazed bowl, it is highly efficient and easy to maintain cleanliness.

TOTO UltraMax II One-Piece Elongated Toilet

Best Modern Small Toilet

KOHLER Santa Rosa Comfort Height Elongated Toilet

This seamless one piece compact toilet by Kohler has the height of a regular chair and even though it has an elongated bowl, it takes up as much space as a round toilet.


With its seamless, compact design, this high seat toilet by Kohler looks great and is very easy to clean.  I really like that it comes in several colors, therefore will match most bathroom decor.  

The colors available are Biscuit, Almond, Black, Dune, Ice Gray, SandBar and White.  I also like the wide but flat tank, giving it a throne like appearance and also the benefit of saving extra space.


The seamless tank and bowl design means a better fitting toilet for small spaces and also means an easier to clean toilet.  I love the Comfort Height toilet feature providing similar height to a regular chair.  

The toilet has the height of a tall toilet seat but more importantly for small spaces, the depth of a small compact toilet.  This higher seating will be great for older people and people with a disability, and of course taller people.

The Kohler Santa Rosa measures 27.75” by 18.75” by 28.25”.

Gallons Per Flush:

This toilet easily meets the US efficiency use standards with a highly efficient 1.28 gallons per flush.   

According to Kohler this will save up to 16,500 gallons of water per year, compared to an old 3.5-gallon toilet, and without sacrificing performance. Great for the environment and your pocket because it should save you about $100 per year on water costs.

Flushing System:

The toilet has been rigorously tested for power and performance.  Even though it is a small compact toilet, it still gives a powerful flush.  Also the bowl has a glazed trapway, meaning a more thorough removal of waste and debris with each flush.  

With a powerful flush and efficient use of water, this Kohler has reached a high level of performance with this one piece toilet.  This Kohler Santa Rosa also has 50% more rinse water after each flush compared to previous Kohler toilets.  This extra rinse will leave a cleaner toilet bowl, and less need of a toilet brush.

Final Thoughts:

The Kohler Santa Rosa is a compact, stylish toilet with the comfort of an elongated but the size of a round toilet. The comfort height seat makes for easier sitting and standing and with its powerful and efficient flushing system, you save on money but still receive optimal performance.

KOHLER Santa Rosa Elongated Toilet

Stylish Compact Toilet For Small Spaces

WoodBridge Dual Flush Elongated One Piece Toilet

Small, compact, luxurious, modern and stylish looking toilet that will be ideal for a small bathroom. Woodbridge have made a great looking one piece toilet here, that has all the positive features of soft closing, comfort height, water sense standards and powerful flush. A highly rated small toilet.


This is one of my favorite looking toilets and I love the modern design.  It has no corners or grooves, making it a breeze to clean.  Its small and compact design also makes it a perfect match for smaller bathrooms.  A modern, sleek and stylish looking toilet that will add a bit of quality to your bathroom.


Measuring a compact 28.5″ L x 14.5″ W x 27.5″ H, it is high enough for easy access but is also a space saver due to its compact one piece design. Although it has an elongated bowl, it still only measure 28.5” in length, taking up little space in small bathrooms.

Gallons Per Flush:

It has the WaterSense toilet standard of meeting strict EPA flushing guidelines, including using at least 20% less water than 1.6 gallons per flush toilets.

A low water consumption 1.28 gallons per flush saves up to 16,500 gallons of water per year compared to a regular 3.5 gallons per flush toilet. This high efficiency performance will save on water bills year after year.

Flushing System:

The toilet has a dual flush system that allows two different flushes, one using 1 gallon per flush and one using 1.6 gallons per flush. Both flushes work well and are highly efficient. It is both a powerful and very quiet toilet and with the fully glazed bowl, each flush cleans the bowl well.

Slow Close Seat:

Not only is the bowl high enough for easy access but it also has a slow close seat. Slow close seats are always a bonus and are convenient and safer for children.

Final Thoughts:

This Woodbridge Dual Flush Elongated One Piece Toilet not only looks great but has so much else going for it. Its compact shape is great for small bathrooms and its dual flush is highly efficient and a real water and money saver.  Its smooth shape makes cleaning a lot easier than regular toilets and the slow close toilet seat is an added bonus.

WoodBridge Dual Flush Elongated One Piece Toilet

Most Powerful Compact Elongated Toilets

American Standard Champion-4 Right Height One-Piece Elongated Toilet

This American Standard Champion 4 compact toilet is elongated for comfort but because of its one piece design, will still save space in smaller bathrooms. It is a nice looking toilet, similar in design to the Kohler Santa Rosa. With its streamline shape, powerful flush and high efficiency use of water, this compact toilet is definitely worth considering.


Made of Vitreous China and in a choice of White or Linen colors, this one piece toilet by American Standard has a high quality appearance. Its stylish compact design allows easy cleaning and maintenance and should be a good fit for most small bathrooms.


This Champion 4 right height one-piece toilet measures 29.75” by 17.75” by 29.5”. Its comfort height seating allows for easier access to the toilet when sitting down and standing up.

The one piece design makes it a more compact shape, shaving off extra inches compared to a regular elongated two piece toilet. The toilet has a 12” rough-in.

Gallons Per Flush:

At 1.6 gallons per flush it uses more water than some of the other toilets I have reviewed, however it still meets the high standards set by the US conservation standards.  Also compared to regular toilets that use as much as 3.5 gallons per flush, it is definitely in the low water consumption category.

2.4″ Siphon Trapway:

With its 2.4” fully glazed trapway, it is able to flush 40% more waste compared to a 2.15” trapway and a whopping 70% more than a standard 2” trapway.  In fact, American Standard are bragging they were able to flush a bucket of golf balls down this toilet without any issues.  Performance wise, the Champion 4 will be hard to beat.

Flushing System:

The Champion 4’s 4″ Piston Action Accelerator Flush Valve is what sets this toilet’s flushing system apart from other brands.  The flush valve pushes water into the bowl 3 times faster than a standard 2” flush valve toilet, yet still only uses 1.6 gallons per flush.  

This super fast flushing system will have water flowing into every part of the bowl in less than a single second. The flushing system has been vigorously tested to meet an impressively high power and efficient performance.

EverClean Surface:

Who likes cleaning a toilet.  I especially like the EverClean antimicrobial surface feature.  The EverClean antimicrobial surface is a permanent feature on both the inside and outside of the toilet. It not only inhibits the growth of stains, bacteria, mold, mildew and smells but also makes cleaning a whole lot easier, even after years of use.

Final Thoughts:

The Champion 4 by American Standard is literally a champion among toilets. Its one piece sleek easy to clean design allows it to fit nicely into small bathrooms. However, it is its performance that sets it apart from regular toilets.

A highly powerful, fast and efficient flush and EverClean surface makes this compact toilet hard to beat.

American Standard Champion-4 One-Piece Elongated Toilet

Bargain Small Two Piece Toilet

American Standard H2Optimum Siphonic Toilet

The American Standard H2Optimum toilet is small in size but big on power. Using a fraction of the water a regular toilet uses, its low consumption and powerful flush makes this toilet a real bargain buy.


This two piece toilet is a standard looking toilet that comes in both elongated and round bowls.  The H2Optimum is made of white vitreous china and is available in either ‘normal height’ or ‘right height’ (which is around two inches taller).  

The tank is small and neat, which looks great. The tank is smaller in size due to the fact it uses far less water per flush than a regular toilet.


This compact elongated toilet measures 15” x 29.8” x 30”.  You have a choice of whether to pick a ‘normal height’ bowl or a ‘right height’ bowl.  15” is the height of the normal height bowl and 16.5” for the right height bowl.

The round bowl toilet measures a little smaller at 15” x 27.8” x 30”.  The round will fit into smaller bathrooms a little easier, however if you want the round ‘right height’ bowl, unfortunately at the time of posting there was none available, only normal height.

Gallons Per Flush:

The American Standard H2Optimum is WaterSense certified, meaning it uses less than 1.28 gallons per flush, 20% less than the federal standard 1.6 gallons per flush. In fact, this little powerhouse uses only 1.1 gallons per flush, making it one of the most efficient toilets in this article.

Flushing system:

The H2Optimum uses Siphon Jet Bowl Technology with PowerWash rim. With each flush, water is pushed into the rim chamber, entrapping air.  This air becomes pressurized and subsequently pushes the water out onto the bowl.

This action is like a power wash that scours the bowl clean. This action also activates the siphon motion which evacuates any waste matter. A 9” x 8” water spot is maintained throughout this process.

EverClean Surface:

Like the Champion 4 toilet, the H2Optimum also has the EverClean antimicrobial surface on the inside and outside. This feature inhibits the growth of stains, bacteria, mold, mildew and smells and also makes cleaning a lot easier.

Final Thoughts:

I really like the American Standard H2Optimum and believe it is a good bargain buy. Its highly efficient use of water is a plus and also the power flushing system is excellent.  I especially like the PowerWash rim.  A downside is that the seat and the wax ring is sold separately.

American Standard H2Optimum Siphonic Toilet

Shortest Compact Toilet

KOHLER San Souci Round-Front Toilet with AquaPiston Flushing Technology

This San Souci one piece toilet by Kohler integrates the tank and bowl into one seamless design. It has a powerful flush and an easy to clean design. This compact toilet not only looks great but is a perfect size for a small bathroom.


With its streamlined design, the San Souci is a classy looking compact toilet that will take up little space in a bathroom. The tank is low profile and along with a round shaped bowl, this toilet is one of the smallest on the market, making it ideal for the smallest of bathrooms.

The San Souci comes in an impressive choice of 10 different colors, that will match any bathroom decor.


The toilet measures a mere 24.2” from floor to tank top, making it quite a short toilet. The toilet seat measure 17” from floor to rim which is a decent height for such a compact toilet.  

As this toilet has a round shaped bowl it only measures 25.6” in depth, perfect for fitting into hard to fit areas and perfect for smaller bathrooms.

Overall measurements are 25.6” x 16.8” x 24.2”.

Gallons Per Flush:

The San Souci is WaterSense certified and uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush.  This toilet is highly efficient with its low consumption of water. 

The San Souci is a winner for the environment because it saves up to 16,500 gallons of water per year compared to a 3.5 gallon gallons per flush toilet. It is also a winner for your pocket because your water bills will be lower.

Flushing System:

Featuring a unique canister design, the patented AquaPiston flush engine is both powerful and quiet. The canister seal prevents leakage issues that are usually a problem with traditional rubber flappers. The AquaPiston flush engine uses water from 360 degrees, increasing the power and performance of the flush.

Easy To Clean Design And Slow Close Seat:

This attractive little toilet’s compactness not only looks amazing but also makes it easier to maintain.  The seamless design allows for easy access and less nooks and crannies to keep clean.  

The bonus soft close seat is always a feature I like.  Just a tap of the lid will set it in motion and it will smoothly close.  No slamming of toilet seats with the San Souci.

Final Thoughts:

A very attractive toilet that has a powerful flush and a very small footprint. It is short, with a decent seat height and also with a depth of 25.6”, it is one of the smallest toilets on the market.  The Kohler San Souci is definitely one to be considered for small bathrooms.

KOHLER San Souci Round-Front Toilet

Small Space Elongated Toilet

American Standard Compact Cadet-3 Toilet

The American Standard Compact Cadet-3 FloWise one piece toilet is a bestseller on Amazon for one piece toilets. It has the usual features of an American Standard toilet and with its one piece compact design, it is a good value option for small spaces.


The Cadet-3 FloWise has a standard toilet design and comes in a choice of White, Linen or Bone colors. Its sleek and compact one piece design looks great and I also really like the look of the small size tank.


This toilet has an elongated shaped bowl but with measurements of 28.5” x 15.5” x 28.5”, it takes up similar space to a regular round toilet.  The seat is a comfort height measuring 16.25” from floor to rim.

These measurements compare favorably with all of the other compact toilet reviews, therefore this toilet would also be a good choice for small bathrooms.

Gallons Per Flush:

The Cadet-3 FloWise is EPA WaterSense certified. It is a high efficient, low consumption toilet that uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush.

This water usage is of comparable standards to the other reviews here but compared to older models that could use up to 6 gallons per flush, it is excellent.

Flushing System:

The Cadet 3’s smart gravity design has been rigorously tested with high performance tests and is capable of handling 1000 grams of waste in one single flush.  Its extra wide 3” flush valve allows more water to enter the bowl at an 80% faster rate compared to 2” flush valve toilets.  

The Cadet 3 has a 2 ⅛” glazed trapway which is a little larger than the standard 2” trapway.  This extra size allows 60% larger waste to travel through the trapway and the glazed surface makes for a cleaner bowl per flush.

EverClean Surface:

Who likes cleaning a toilet. I especially like the EverClean antimicrobial surface feature. The EverClean antimicrobial surface is a permanent feature on both the inside and outside of the toilet. It not only inhibits the growth of stains, bacteria, mold, mildew and smells but also makes cleaning a whole lot easier, even after years of use.

Final Thoughts:

To top it off, the Cadet 3 by American Standard has a slow close toilet seat for added convenience and safety. It is easy to see why this toilet is a bestseller on Amazon. With its sleek design, powerful performance, high efficiency and ease to maintain, this compact toilet is a good value choice for bathrooms with limited space.

American Standard Compact Cadet-3 Toilet

Mini Toilet Perfect For Tiny Bathrooms

GALBA Small Elongated Toilet Dual Flush

Probably one of my favorite small toilets I am reviewing in this article, this neat and simple designed Galba, is a perfect example of a compact toilet. Having some of the highest ratings for small toilets on Amazon, it is easy to see why this little gem is so popular.


With its shiny glossy white color, this one piece toilet has a self cleaning glazed surface that will not scratch, rust, fade, or discolor.

The sleek compact design will be a dream to maintain because of its almost rectangular shape, there are no hard to get at places to clean.

When I say it has a simple design, I don’t mean this in a negative way. Its simplicity is what makes it stand out and makes it look very modern and classy.


This mini toilet measures 28.5” from floor to the top of the tank and a mere 24.5” from back to front. Even though it has an elongated bowl, this is a very small toilet and will slot perfectly into a small bathroom.

It has a comfort height seat of 16.5”, which is a good height for such a small toilet. The toilet has an overall width of only 13.5”, which is great for fitting into the narrowest of spaces.

Gallons Per Flush:

It has a dual flush system with two different flush quantities. The half flush uses 0.8 gallons per flush and the full flush uses 1.6 gallons per flush. This is very high efficiency and meets the federal standard.

Flushing System:

The larger than normal 3” flush valve allows more water to flush through at a quicker pace, giving a powerful flush that is also quiet. Due to the fact that this is a dual flush toilet, it is great for saving on water when small flushes are needed.

What is more, water level and flush strength can be adjusted for each of the dual flush options. It has a 2” fully glazed trapway, which is probably standard size. The American Standard requires a toilet to be able to flush down golf balls the size of 41mm to pass the flush test.

This Galba toilet was able to flush down golf balls the size of 50mm, proving that this small toilet can still pack a punch.

Self Cleaning Glaze:

Self cleaning glaze is smoother than ordinary glaze, therefore it absorbs less dirt particles than ordinary glazed toilets. This means that this Galba small toilet will not only be easier to clean but will also be slower to accumulate dirt and grime.

Final Thoughts:

This small and compact toilet by Galba is a top choice toilet that will look fantastic in a small bathroom. Along with its slow close toilet seat, the powerful dual flush system, efficient use of water, self cleaning glaze and of course its simple, modern design, makes this small toilet a really popular choice.

GALBA Small Elongated Toilet Dual Flush

No Tank Short Depth Toilet For Small Spaces

Saniflo SANICOMPACT Macerator Toilet

This small and compact one piece toilet by SaniFlo is an ideal solution to having limited space in tiny bathrooms.  In small apartments, bathroom space can get very cramped, therefore the smaller the toilet the better. SaniFlo may have the answer with this little gem.


This small self contained toilet looks great and takes up very little space. Without the tank at the back it makes a toilet look neat and more spacious.


Due to the fact that this compact toilet has no back end tank, it of course is a lot smaller than a regular toilet.  It measures 15.75” in Height, 14.5” in Width and 18.25” in Depth.  This is a very small toilet and will be ideal for small bathrooms and will also be perfect for fitting into areas of a bathroom that a regular toilet would not fit.

Gallons Per Flush:

It only uses one gallon of water per flush making it a highly efficient toilet. This low use of water will be great for those that are environmentally conscious and also for people that don’t like to waste water.  This low water consumption will definitely save a lot of dollars per year.

Flushing System:

The SaniCompact flushing mechanism is built in and is completely electric, meaning there is no need for an external tank. The flushing action and macerating pump cycle is automatic after pressing a button on top of the bowl.

The flushing system is electronically timed to allow approximately 1-Gallon of water to pass through the toilet.  Toilet waste and wastewater will be completely eliminated per flush.  

Final Thoughts:

The SaniCompact is a stylish, small toilet that is ideal for fitting into tight spots.  Not only is it a perfect size for small bathrooms but can also be installed in areas such as a loft/attic, basement or even a garage.  Due to its size and ease of installation, it is a very versatile compact toilet.

Saniflo SANICOMPACT Macerator Toilet

How To Choose The Best Compact Toilet For Your Small Bathroom

Best Compact Toilets

Choosing the right toilet for your bathroom is not the easiest of tasks. Hopefully, a good quality toilet will last for a decade or longer, therefore it is important to invest in the right quality toilet.

There are cheap toilets available, however the material involved to make these toilets will be low grade and it won’t be long before you see the difference price makes.

It is not all about cost though, as here are a few tips to help you make the right decision when choosing the ideal toilet for your small bathroom.

Make Sure It Measures Up:

This seems like an obvious one, however it doesn’t make it any less important. It is essential to double check and triple check all measurements before you buy.

Most importantly make sure you measure the rough-in dimensions correctly (rough-in is the dimensions from the center of the toilet flange (the hold down bolts) to the wall). If you get this part wrong, then you will have the difficult task of trying to move the toilet flange or sending a heavy toilet back for a replacement.

Also, if you are changing from a round size bowl to an elongated, there will be a different size between the two. This is all the more important for smaller bathrooms where every inch of space can be important.

Check Out The Flush Ratings:

All good quality toilets by reputable companies have been rigorously tested. Flushing power and performance are some of these tests. As you will have noticed in the reviews above, many of the toilet brands have different flushing systems for each toilet.

Larger trapways that prevent clogging and larger flush valves that allow more water to flush more powerfully and at a faster rate are quite standard for high quality modern toilets.

Have a look at reviews on Amazon to see what other customers have said on flushing power and performance to get the best idea on whether the toilet you like the look of also has a high quality flushing standard.

Water Use:

High efficiency and low consumption water usage is a feature of all the toilets in the reviews above. This will be cheaper in the long run because of lower water bills.

In fact, after a few years, water bill savings will have paid for your toilet. 1.6 gallons per flush is the federal standard for toilets now but there are some toilets that are even more efficient when it comes to a single flush.

Some toilets perform as low as 1 gallon of water per flush. Even though these modern toilets use far less water than older models, each flush will still be very powerful and should clear all waste.

High quality modern flushing systems that use less water should still perform at a very high standard.


Who likes to clean a toilet.  The less times you have to clean a toilet the better, therefore it is important to find a toilet that has a high quality glazed bowl and trapway.  Also consider the shape of the toilet when it comes to cleaning.  

A one-piece toilet has less nooks and crannies to clean compared to a two-piece toilet and are also smaller and a better fit for small bathrooms.

However, one-piece toilets are more expensive and they are heavier to lift, when installing.

Seat Height:

Many toilets on the market come with the option of comfort height, which means a taller seat for ease of sitting and standing.

Smaller toilets are great for kids and short adults, however, comfort height toilets are better for taller adults, elderly people and the disabled.

Just because smaller toilets are compact and take up less space, doesn’t mean you can’t have the comfort height option.

The height of the seat will not take up any extra space in a small bathroom, therefore if you would like a taller toilet seat, then go for it.

Things To Avoid When Choosing A Small Toilet

There are certain things to look for when choosing your ideal toilet, however there are also some things you should try to avoid. Here are a few things you may want to avoid when making your decision on your ideal toilet.

Slamming Lids:

Older lids are often heavy and when left to drop, they can be loud and potentially dangerous.

Slow close lids are becoming more common in modern toilets and will prevent annoying slamming noises.

These lids are also ideal for households with small children because they prevent the lid from falling on little fingers.

Budget Toilets:

Everybody likes to get a bargain, however when buying something that you will use for several years, it is better to think of it as an investment.

If you decide to go for the cheapest option when it comes to buying a toilet, then you may have to endure a poor performing, weak flushing toilet for years to come.

Too Long:

Whether you like an elongated or round shaped toilet is a personal preference, however elongated toilets are a little bit longer.

Now, usually the bathroom is one of the smaller rooms in a house, therefore every little bit of free space counts.

If you do want to get an elongated toilet, then a compact version might be the best choice .

Difficult to Clean Toilets:

Traditional two-piece toilets can be quiet difficult to clean because of all the little areas to get at.

Modern one-piece models are far more sleek and a lot easier to keep clean and maintain.


There are many things to consider when purchasing a toilet for your bathroom besides appearance and price.

Flushing power, water usage, quiet flush, correct measurements, easy cleaning, all have to be considered when choosing the perfect toilet. I hope that you found the Best Compact Toilets For Small Bathrooms, helpful.

A good quality toilet should last well over 10 years, therefore choosing the best one is a real investment. If you found this article helpful, then you may also be interested in other reviews on bathroom sinks suitable for small bathrooms and also reviews on these fantastic looking compact size bathtubs.

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