You don’t need a large space to exercise at home. With these tips, guides and exercise equipment reviews, you can make any small area into a perfect home gym.

Best mini reboundersBest mini rebounders

For low intensity workouts or exercises that are perfect for both kids and adults, a mini trampoline is an excellent choice. Not only are mini trampolines a great piece of workout equipment, they are also compact, portable and easy to store, making them ideal for small spaces. Jumping burns plenty of calories, improves your stamina…

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Best Small Elliptical MachinesBest Small Elliptical Machines

An elliptical trainer is a very popular home workout exerciser that improves both cardiovascular health, burns fat and develops muscle tone.  It simulates activities such as walking, running, jogging and climbing, without putting stress on the joints.  An elliptical machine allows you to perform these movements without the stress they place on the ankles, knees…

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