pros and cons of living in a small spaceWhen people talk about their home or apartment as being small, they are usually not saying it in a positive way.  Maybe they feel like they don’t have enough space. Maybe they feel that with extra room it will be more comfortable.

Well, here at Best For Small Spaces we love small homes, because we believe a person can be just as happy and comfortable in a small apartment as they would be in a large one.  In some ways even more comfortable.

There are pros and cons to living in a small place, just like there are when living in a large place.  Lets have a closer look at some of these positives and negatives.

Positives of Living in a Small Apartment

  • Cozier –

    Smaller apartments have a more snug feel to them compared to larger apartments, especially for people living alone or as a couple.  With large homes, all that extra room can be unnecessary and more expensive to keep warm or cool. In the winter it takes more fuel to heat larger rooms and during the warm summer months it will take more air conditioning to keep these larger rooms cool.

  • Easier to Clean –

    This one is a no-brainer.  The smaller the area, the less space for dust and dirt to accumulate.  A small place will take half the time to keep clean and tidy compared to a large place.

  • Less Clutter –

    This might be a hard one to believe but a person with a small home will have to treat their valuable space with more thought than a person with a larger living area.  A person with a small home needs to use their space wisely and to only keep essential items (we at Best For Small Spaces give you the best advice on this).  By only having essential items in your home you are decluttering your living space, which can be a very liberating feeling.

  • Cheaper –

    This one is also an obvious one.  Especially in larger cities where it can cost an arm and a leg to buy a matchbox apartment, buying small is a lot cheaper than buying large.  This is a necessity for most people renting and buying. Not only is it the cost price of the apartment that will be cheaper but also amenities like electricity and gas, will also be a lot less expensive.


Negatives of Living in a Small Home

  • Less Space for Families –

    For singles and couples, small spaces can be cozy and snug, however for families, small homes can be a struggle to fit.  Yes this can be difficult sometimes, however for families in small homes it is more necessary than ever to make the best use of the small area you have.

  • Bigger is Better –

    Whether this is true or not is down to the taste of the person, however we don’t believe it is true.  Maybe larger houses can be a sign of wealth and prosperity, but a small house doesn’t have to mean a poor house.
    It is possible to fit all the essential luxuries in a small living area, allowing you to live the life you want. Maybe that person with the larger house is too busy to enjoy it.  Maybe they are too busy working to make enough money to live in a larger house.  It is also possible that the larger house is so expensive that they can’t afford to buy the luxuries for the inside.

  • Tight squeeze –

    Sure sometimes it would be nice to have a couple of extra rooms or a bigger area to move around. For me however, if I feel like I need more space, then I go outside.  There is plenty of space outside. And remember, no matter if it is winter or summer, when you arrive home, your small apartment will be a lot easier and far quicker to heat up or cool down.

Final Thoughts

So from what we can see, there are positives and negatives to living in small and large places.  I believe the most important thing to begin with, is to create the best home you can with what you have.  No matter if your place is tiny or huge……it is still your place.  And hopefully you love living in it because at the end of the day, it is your home.

Best For Small Spaces will help you with ideas on how to make the most of your small apartment, give you tips on how to improve your small home and also write reviews on the best quality products to enhance your small living space. We hope we can help you turn your small space into your ideal place.




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