Decorating tips for small spaces

Decorating a small home can be a lot of fun but it also has its challenges. People automatically think that because a room is small, it will take less time to decorate.  However, this is not necessarily the case. 

Anyone that has lived in a small home will know that even though the area is small, the biggest challenge is finding enough free space to put all of your belongings. 

People that live in a small place still want to have all the luxuries that people with larger homes have. They just have to be that little bit smarter and more organised.

There is a lot of advice available online for people that want to decorate their small living space.  A lot of this advice is helpful, however some of it may not be suitable for everybody. 

Lets have a look at some of these commonly printed tips and see if they are as solid as people might think.

4 Decorating Tips For Small Spaces And Why 3 Of Them May Not Be Right For You

Tip No.1 – Don’t Buy Unnecessary Items  

When a person is decorating a new place they often imagine how perfect their new home will be, filled with different types of furniture and accessories.  However, unfortunately when free space is limited, you have got to be more selective with your belongings.  

When decorating a small room, it is important to only select essential items that you will truly need.  Do not buy items that you ‘think’ you need/want. 

In other words, don’t be an impulsive buyer.  Think about what you need and then think about it more.  If you decide that this item is essential, then go for it. 

Also it might be a good idea to purchase goods one item at a time.  This way, you can see the room fill up slowly, rather than buying lots of stuff and having a room full of boxes.  Before you know it, after everything is unboxed, you realize you have too much stuff to fit in your room.

Why This Tip May Not Be Right For You
Buy whatever you like and don’t worry about clutter.  If you want something then buy it, and if you want a lot of things, then buy them all. 

We are not all the same and some people handle clutter better than others. This is your place, so the most important thing to remember is ‘What Will Make You Happy’.  

As long as you are happy and as long as your stuff is functional and easy to find, then you have nothing to fret over.

Tip No. 2 – Paint Your Walls With Light And Bright Colours 

Decorating small room with bright colors

Bright colors open up a room, where as dark colors close a room. 

A dark color may be your favorite choice, however if you paint your walls with a deep dark color, it may give a claustrophobic feel to the room. 

This is especially not a good idea for a small space. 

Dark colors can make a room feel cozier, however bright colors give a more spacious feel to a small room.

Why This Tip May Not Be The Right For You:
Paint your walls whatever color you like.  If you like a darker color, then go for it. 

This is the place you will potentially live in for many years to come. 

‘Your Home Is Not An Instagram Image’, it is for you and if you like deep darker colors, then go for it.  A darker color will make your home feel more cozy anyway.,

Tip No. 3 – Make Sure Your Furniture And Accessories Are Dual Purpose 

Dual purpose furniture and accessories are a godsend for small spaces. 

If you can get multiple uses from a single piece of furniture, then it is perfect for a small room. 

For example, a bed or coffee table with extra storage underneath.  Or even a trunk that that you can sit on but can also hold so much stuff inside. 

Of course, if you can find stylish multi-purpose furniture, then you have a double win because not only are they very practical but they can make your small space look fantastic.

Solid Tip
I don’t think there is a better alternative to dual purpose furniture. 

If you can double up on the use of a single piece of furniture, then there is no down side.  Especially if you live in a small space.

Tip No. 4 – Use Upper Areas Of Your Room For Storage

Drawers under beds, storage space under coffee tables and inside trunks, are very handy places to store clothes and other items. 

However, don’t forget to use the upper areas of your walls.  

Not only will this make good use of free space but it will also help de-clutter the often over used space on the ground. 

The more free space at ground level the more spacious the room will look.

Be Careful With This Tip :
This is a good tip, however you must be careful.  Don’t put heavy items up high and make sure your small room is functional. 

Placing heavy items up high is a disaster waiting to happen because you can hurt your back putting the item up or taking it down.  It is better to have heavy objects lower down or at waist height and store the light and pretty objects up high.

Functionality, is the most important thing here.  Where you place things in your room should be functional.  The items that you use the most often should be lower down.

These are 4 decorating tips for small spaces.  I guess the purpose of the post is to show that there are no single right ways to decorate a small home.

Depending on the type of person you are, your needs and tastes, there can be multiple ways to decorate a small home and still get some great results.  Even if these ways can be counter intuitive and opposing.

Are you a minimalist or a hoarder in your small space?  Do you prefer dark colors or bright colors to paint your room.  Do you like a cozy warm feel or a more open, spacious feel to your small place? 

We are all like different and one design will definitely not suit every person’s taste. As long as we are happy and feel comfortable in our own home, then that is what really counts.

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