Portable Generator Uses

Portable generators are a great piece of equipment to have around, for a multitude of reasons. Mainly, you can never be too sure when an emergency will strike, so having a portable generator handy could certainly save the day. But what can a small generator be used for? Emergencies are just one of the few great options for portable generator uses, however, below are the top five uses for these powerful units.

Camping or RVing

The whole concept of camping is to enjoy nature and the great outdoors, however, to bring some comfort with you on your camping adventure, there is a need for power supply. This includes power for fans, heaters, lights, radios, etc. Some can even power small televisions! No matter the size, a large, medium or small generator can improve a camping experience. During these trips it is always critical to have access to a portable generator as it’ll provide a safety net for anything unpredictable. This is also true for at home, as having a backup supply from an external power source is extremely helpful.

Cooking Outdoors

While primary portable generator uses generally include providing power to appliances, it can be used to power popular cooking tools as well. An electric grill comes to mind and while grills are typically associated with backyard barbecues, they can be taken to a whole other level.

Offshore cooking on boats is an activity that is increasingly popular among avid fishermen. Portable generators are powerful enough to handle any outdoor cooking method and ensure no mouth goes unfed!

This is a critical thing to have during an emergency as well. Not only will a portable generator help you keep your food refrigerated but also If there is no working stove, it will provide backup power for cooking.

Back Up Power for the Home

This may be the obvious use, but nevertheless, it is possibly the most important of all portable generator uses. Mother nature can be brutal and relentless and when the power goes out and you’re left in the dark, things can get scary. However, having one of these machines as a backup power supply can really make quite the difference. They deliver peace of mind that things can be maintained while waiting for the main source of power to return.

There are various generator sizes that will provide various levels of power to one’s home. It all depends on the specific needs of the household. From small generators, to mid-sized, to large, any need can be customized.

When purchasing one of these generators, consider where you live. Power outages can last for as little as a few minutes or as long as days or even weeks. Having a backup power supply to power essential appliances can save losing food and even medication like insulin that need refrigeration, can really make all the difference.

Outdoor Events or Family Gatherings

Portable generators can offer lots of power to source small or large outdoor events. A small outdoor event could be a family gathering.  A family gathering celebrated outdoors will really benefit from the use of a portable generator.  A larger event that occurs outside is a festival or outdoor concert. These events provide entertainment for many visitors and they must have the power to back it all up. Portable generators come in handy to bring the fun and festivities to any festival or concert.

Outdoor Weddings

Weddings are so much fun and need all the power supply they can get! This becomes especially critical when the wedding is outdoors! This is because almost everything and anything requiring electricity will need a portable generator. For weddings to go as perfectly planned as they can possible go, the power must stay on! The DJ has the music to play, the open bar may need to power mini fridges and not to mention the mini lights for tables or canopies.

An outdoor wedding is a special event and is a great example of a nontraditional way to use portable generators. It is not a common way that people associate the use of these machines, however, it goes to show just important they are, not only for everyday activities but also for big events! They help to power life’s most crucial situations and moments. Use this guide to realize a few of the great ways of using these portable machines!

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