Clean A Pellet Stove Clean A Pellet Stove

A pellet stove is an efficient, cost effective way to heat up your home.  However, just like any other combustion stove, it will need regular cleaning and maintenance.  A well-maintained pellet stove will heat efficiently and will also last for longer.  Fortunately, it is not too difficult a task and can be done in a…

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10 Sustainable Living Ideas To Help Lower Your Carbon Footprint 10 Sustainable Living Ideas To Help Lower Your Carbon Footprint

The 50th anniversary celebration of Earth Day is just around the corner; what better time to remind ourselves to lessen our environmental footprint. I’m sure by now you already know how climate change, depletion of the ozone layer, depletion of natural resources and global warming have been posing a threat to our existence. So now…

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Simple Minimalist Living Tips Simple Minimalist Living Tips

The usual image that people have of a minimalist lifestyle is avoiding all of the modern offerings of the world. They visualize living in the woods, in a cabin without electricity, a charcoal stove and a bathroom located outside the cabin. There are plenty of ways in which minimalism can be embraced that do not…

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